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Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Wisdom-Kural-423

Epporul yaryaarvaaik kaetpinum apporul
Meypporul kanpa tharivu

To discern the truth from whatever source it emanates
Is the true quality of wisdom

Parimel Azhagar gives an elaborate interpretation of this Kural, when he says that the truth may be found in disguised forms in the words that are uttered by young or old, the ignorant or wise, or even foes or friends. According to him, Valluvar"s use of the word 'Vaai' would indicate word of mouth, which does not necessarily involve practice of the precept on their part.

Rajaji would comment that true knowledge would enable one to understand the real import of things, from whomsoever one learns them, and not to be misled by the circumstances in which they appear. To discern truth from whichever quarter it comes is true wisdom.

According to Kaviraja Pandithar the implication of the word 'Kanpatu' covers not only taking note of, but also observing in practice.

In Thirukkural itself earlier, Valluvar has said something similar as follows:

“Eporul eathanmaith thaayinum aporul
Meyporul kaanbatharivu"

While in that kural, the emphasis was on the subject matter and its import of underlying truth, in the present Kural the emphasis is one the source. A parallel in Civakachinthamani is as follows:

“Ulporul idhuvena unarthal gnanamaam"

Story first published: Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 14:36 [IST]
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