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Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-500
Kaal aalkalarin nariadum kananjaaVaelaal mukatha kaliruOn marshy ground,where the foot sinks, even a fox can beat a mighty elephant,With fearless eyes on his majestic face, and two spears too of ivory.The bravery and majesty of the elephant, with his ivory tusks, ...

Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-499
Cirainalanum cirum ilareninum mantarUrainilattotu ottal arituAlthough they may lack fortresses and armies it will not be easy,To attack and dislodge people in their own homesteads. In all wars, invading armies have had this experience. The local people may have no ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-498
Cirupadaiyaan cellidam saerin urupadaiyaanUookam alindhu vidumIf a large army is constrained to operate in an area, meant for a small force,They will have no place for manoeuvre, and so get demoralized.If a king chooses as his theatre for battle, a place, ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-497
Anjaamai allaal thunaivaenda enjaamaiEnni idathaan ceyin.If your operations in battle are planned, considering every single enemy design,With no other aid but fearlessness, you will prevail.Rajaji would say, that if the king bestows considerable though over his plan of operation, and he ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-496
Kadaloadaa kaalval nedunaer kadaloadumNaavaayum oadaa nilathuThe strong-wheeled chariot cannot be driven on the high seas,So too, the swift sailing ship cannot be propelled on land.The idea is that every kind of transport is designed for use in a particular medium, which ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-495
Nedumpunalul vellum mudhalai adumpunalinNeengin atanaip piraIn the deep waters of a river the crocodile will beat all,But out of those waters, it will be absolutely helpless.The implication is that your greatest strength is when you are in your own habitat and ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-494
Enniyar ennam ilappar itanarintuTunniyar tunnic ceyinYour enemy will not achieve his planned victory over you,If you give battle from a well-protected place of vantage.The enemy"s plans will be effectively foiled, if the theatre of war is of your own choice, and ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-493
Aatraarum aatri aduba-idan arindhuPoatraar kan poatriceyinEven with a weaker force you will still prevail against a stronger armyIf you choose the right place ad operate with care.This translation is based on Rajaji’s elaborate interpretation. He says that you may be ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-492
Muransaerndha moym pinavarkkum aransaerndhamAakkam palavum tharumEven if your force is of diverse nature, motivated and strong,Defensive fortifications do give added strength.May be in its organization and equipment, your force is widely different, well organized and stronger. May be, it is ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Time-Kural-490
Kokkuokka koompum paruvaththu matrathanKuthuoakka seertha idaththu.Bide your time in the manner of the stork waiting for its suitable prey,But when the prey is spotted, act with swift and sure aimThis translation, to some extent, follows Rajaji’s In kurals 487 and 488, ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Time-Kural-489
Eaitharku ariyadu iyaindhakkaal annilaiyaeSeytharku ariya seyal.Opportunity occurs but rarely; but when it does,It is the right time to attempt even the impossible.There is a piece of pragmatic wisdom, recorded by Valluvar in this Kural, for if, as Shakespeare says, this opportunity ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Time-Kural-488
Cerunaraik kaanin sumakka iruvaraiKaanin kilakkaam thalaiBe courteous and even obsequious before your enemy,When the time comes, he will bow before you.V V S Iyer interprets this quite elaborately when he says:“Bend down before thy adversary when they are more powerful than ...
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