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Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-499

Cirainalanum cirum ilareninum mantar
Urainilattotu ottal aritu

Although they may lack fortresses and armies it will not be easy,
To attack and dislodge people in their own homesteads.

In all wars, invading armies have had this experience. The local people may have no proper defences and other advantages on the one side, nor numbers and weapons of offensive strategy on the other side. But the invading army will find it difficult to defeat and overcome the people on their own native soil. This happened in France during the two World Wars, as a result of which resistance movements flourished and ultimately prevailed.

Winston Churchill gave expression to this thought in so many words to encourage his country men, when Hitler, who had already occupied France, was just one step away from London. He exhorted the British to fight on the beaches and landing grounds, streets and all ages and to defend defend their homes. It was with reference to this famous exhortation that President John Kennedy made the interesting statement:

“Churchill harnessed the English language and sent it to war against Hitler."

This comment was otherwise relevant too as the British had nothing else to fight with at that tie.

Story first published: Monday, August 1, 2011, 11:05 [IST]
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