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Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-497

Anjaamai allaal thunaivaenda enjaamai
Enni idathaan ceyin.

If your operations in battle are planned, considering every single enemy design,
With no other aid but fearlessness, you will prevail.

Rajaji would say, that if the king bestows considerable though over his plan of operation, and he is able to choose his own theatre for battle, there is no need for any other support. Just the firm commitment and courage, exhibited by his forces in following him, will alone carry him through to victory.

In the armed forces, they talk of strategy and tactics. The former is the higher-level plan of action, based on the relative strength, time, place, instruments, etc., while the latter is the day to day operational exercise, and ground plan for it, prepared on the basis of the lie of the land, enemy positions and their preparedness, as found out by scouts.

In both cases, a very essential requirement, which alone can make the plan of action realistic and workable, is the systematic securing of intelligence at the appropriate level. The proposed plan of action may have to be drafted taking this into account in the first place itself, or will require substantial modification on this basis subsequently before commencement. The kind of battle plan that Thiruvalluvar has in mind would have considered in detail every single enemy design at every level.

Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2011, 17:03 [IST]
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