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This Is How Taking Vitamin Pills Can Affect Your Health!
Thomas Fuller, a famous English historian once said, "Health is not valued till sickness comes". Most of us can agree with the above quote because with our busy lifestyle, we often take our health for granted, right? For instance, even though ...
Vitamin Pills And Side Effects

What Causes Sickness During Pregnancy?
Are you frequently feeling sick during pregnancy? Pregnancy could be a vulnerable stage. That is the time many changes occur inside the body and cause trouble initially. Those very changes could also make you fall sick often and catch infections. The ...
Remedies For Excessive Blinking
If you deliberately blink your eyes just to spice up a conversation, it isn't a health issue but if you are excessively blinking your eyes involuntarily then it could be a health issue! Your eyes may experience pain and irritation due ...
Remedies For Excessive Blinking
Essential Vitamins For Women's Health
There are some essential vitamins for women's health. If you are a woman, it is important to know the role of those vitamins and the foods that supply those vitamins. A balanced diet can help you stay healthy and fit. We ...
Why Foods Rich In Chlorophyll Are Healthy
Is chlorophyll beneficial to humans? First of all, what is chlorophyll? Well, it is nothing but a pigment that is green in colour. It is found in green plants. What does chlorophyll do? It helps in the process of photosynthesis in ...
Is Chlorophyll Beneficial To Humans
7 Natural Muscle Relaxants!
Muscle spasms could spoil your sleep. When your muscles are tired or overworked, you just need to relax them. Over the counter muscle relaxants aren't safe. Also, sleeping with spasms and muscle pains is impossible. Most of the muscle pains are ...
What Does Craving Milk During Pregnancy Mean?
What does craving milk during pregnancy mean? You know what? Some women tend to experience cravings for milk roughly around the second trimester. They prefer to drink at least a liter of milk. It is not uncommon to feel like drinking ...
What Does Craving Milk During Pregnancy Mean
Health Benefits Of Gherkin
Are gherkins good for you? Most of us don't know much about the health benefits of gherkin. It is very famous in the southern states of India. This vegetable is eaten at least once or twice a week. Generally, this vegetable ...
Health Benefits Of Gherkin
Why Masala Doodh Is The Best Energy Drink
Indians love 'masla doodh'! It is nothing but milk in which certain spices and nuts are mixed. Its flavor, aroma and taste are ethereal and more than that, it offers many health benefits. Masala milk is consumed almost on every festival ...
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