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10 Foods To Flush The Nicotine Out Of The Body

Smoking is among the top cause of diseases due to poor lifestyle habits. The journal Psychology and Health says that tobacco smoking is one of the main causes of premature deaths around the world. The sad part about smoking is that smokers often acknowledge the harm they are doing to their bodies and may report that they desire to stop it - yet continue to smoke. This is because nicotine present in cigarettes generates a strong urge to smoke that overpowers all other feelings which are against smoking.

If a person is addicted to nicotine consumption, it is very difficult for them to stop it suddenly. As a result, the nicotine gets accumulated in our body in a large amount and cause many chronic conditions - cancer being on the topmost list. In such cases, flushing out nicotine from the body is very important to prevent the risk of smoking-related diseases like lung cancer, obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease along with the risk of deafness, stroke, back pain and blindness.

There are several healthy foods which help to flush the nicotine out of the body. These foods are easily available in the market, and they are:


1. Oranges

This fruit restores vitamin C in our body lost due to smoking which further helps to boost our metabolism and flush nicotine out from our body.


2. Ginger

It helps to treat many unwanted symptoms caused due to nicotine smoking. Ginger is very effective to reduce the cravings for nicotine.


3. Carrot

The presence of vitamin A, C, B and K in carrots help to strengthen the body's defence system and prevent the damage of nerves and skin caused due to smoking.


4. Lemons

This juicy food item helps to treat damaged skin cells and boosts immunity due to the presence of vitamin C and citric acid. It also helps fight unwanted symptoms of smoking.


5. Broccoli

It is packed with vitamin B5 and vitamin C. These compounds help regulate many body processes and boost metabolism, which help to flush out nicotine from our body. It also helps lower the risk of colon cancer.


6. Cranberries

They are referred to as the best substitute for cigarettes as they help prevent the cravings for nicotine - good for those who are trying to quit smoking.


7. Kiwi

This fruit is filled with vitamins like A, C and E. Consuming kiwi helps restore the levels of these vitamins lost due to smoking and flushes nicotine out of the body. Also, inositol in kiwi helps fight depression.


8. Spinach

The presence of folic acid and vitamin B9 in spinach help in maintaining a normal sleeping pattern for smokers as well as help combat nicotine withdrawal symptoms.


9. Kale

Cruciferous vegetables like kale and broccoli are very good to flush nicotine out from the body due to the presence of antioxidants and isothiocyanates in these green veggies.


10. Pomegranate

This amazing fruit helps to improve the red blood cell count which gets decreased due to nicotine. Also, the antioxidant property of pomegranate helps to flush out toxins from our body.

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