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The Gerson Therapy: What You Need To Know
Cancer is attributed to the abnormal growth of body cells. Cancer is among the leading causes of death globally. Apart from the medicinal cancer treatment techniques, there are few alternative therapies that have been shown to work in case of certain ...
What Is Gerson Therapy

Advantages & Disadvantages of Sodium for Nutrition
Salt is undoubtedly scrumptious, isn't it? Be it a party or in a movie hall, a delectable platter of cheesy nachos or salted snacks brings a smile on your face instantly. Well, a limited amount of sodium is really good for ...
10 Foods Rich In Sodium You Did Not Know About
Sodium is an essential mineral which plays a major role in maintaining the fluid balance in the body. Sodium is also necessary for muscle contraction and nerve transmission and it works with other minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium to balance ...
Foods Rich In Sodium You Did Not Know
10 Foods To Avoid For Kidney Stones
The leading health organizations today are increasingly worried about the rising number of patients suffering from a kidney ailment. The kidney is a vital organ of our body that mostly acts as a filter, flushing out the toxins and excess water ...
11 Reasons Why Noodles Are Not Good For Health
Noodles is the most favourite junk food among young people of all age groups. Whether eaten as a snack, tiffin or midnight hunger pangs, noodles is the first choice. Noodles contain an excess amount of carbohydrates that are converted by ...
Reasons Why Noodles Are Not Good For Health
Things That Can Cause Too Much Fluid Retention In The Body
Fluid retention is the accumulation of water in the tissues that occurs as a result of imbalance in the levels of liquids in the body. The human body is a complex system of hormones that constantly change the levels of liquid ...
Things That Can Cause Fluid Retention Body
How To Flush Out Salt From Body
You shouldn't consume more than 2300 mg of sodium a day. In fact, if you have health conditions like BP or heart issues, only 1500 mg of sodium is allowed. Most of us eat more than that. We carve for salty ...
How To Flush Out Salt From Body
Why Pizza Is Unhealthy
Pizza is the best gift to your tongue but a bad substance to your health! The problem with pizza is it contains too many calories, sodium and saturated fat. What does a pizza come with? A single slice of pizza is ...
Reasons For Craving Salty Foods
Do you eat too many chips? Do you crave to eat salty foods all the time? Well, you are not alone because there are so many others who experience salt cravings. But what makes you carve? Well, it could be due ...
Reasons For Craving Salty Foods
Top 8 Reasons For Water Retention In The Body
Water retention, also called oedema, is the accumulation of fluids in the cavities and tissues of the circulatory system. This can lead to the swelling of legs, ankles, feet and hands, and it usually occurs in women during their pregnancy or ...
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