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Foods That Can Hurt The Brain, Make Sure To Keep Away From These

By Sravia Sivaram

There are certain foods that can affect the brain and you need to steer clear of those. Your diet can affect more than just your belly fat.

Some foods can diminish your brain power as well. Hence, you need to be clear of those foods and not include them in excess in your diet in order to protect your brain.

Certain kinds of carbs can have a negative effect on your brain. Foods with a high glycaemic index can also make your blood sugar level shoot up.

Consumption of highly refined carbs is linked to fatigue, mood swings and other forms of depression.

In this article, we have mentioned to you some of the top foods that can hurt the brain.


1. Tofu:

Increased intake of tofu is linked with the risk of cognitive impairment and memory loss. This is because tofu contains phytoestrogens that can affect the brain function.


2. Sodium-rich Foods:

High levels of sodium is associated with low levels of physical activity and also a negative impact on cognitive abilities. Further, regular exercise is known to counter the effects of sodium on the brain. Having an excess of sodium-rich foods must be avoided.


3. Trans Fat Based Foods:

This can hurt your memory big time. Consuming trans fat based foods every day is said to affect your memory gradually.


4. Tuna:

This can end up impairing your mind. Eating more than three servings per week of tuna increases the risk of cognitive dysfunction.


5. Saturated Fatty Foods:

Consuming saturated fats in excess is known to impair the brain's mesolimbic dopamine system that controls motivation and well-being.

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