Why Pizza Is Unhealthy

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Pizza is the best gift to your tongue but a bad substance to your health! The problem with pizza is it contains too many calories, sodium and saturated fat.

What does a pizza come with? A single slice of pizza is said to contain 300 calories, 14 grams of fat and around 700 mg of sodium. And what happens if you eat a whole pizza?

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If you are healthy, eating a slice once a month may not kill you but if you make it a habit, you are inviting health issues. Just like smoking and drinking, even eating pizza can turn into an addiction. Read on...


Fact #1

Firstly, what is pizza made up of? Well, refined flour. We all know why refined flour is bad. All the minerals, vitamins and fibre content in it is lost during the refining process. Also, refined flour may increase belly fat.


Fact #2

The cheese used on the pizza may raise the risk of heart issues and cholesterol issues. And if you go for a non-vegetarian pizza, the fat content in it increases.

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Fact #3

Pizza contains lots of sodium which can raise the risk of blood pressure. If you eat a whole pizza, you have almost crossed the daily recommended sodium intake!


Fact #4

The ingredients of a pizza can stimulate pleasure in your brain making you an addict to it.


Fact #5

Your sugar levels spike and after some time, they may crash. That is because of refined flour and certain additives in the pizza.

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Fact #6

Due to its taste, you will feel like eating more and more pizzas in your life and in the long term, that very habit increases the risk of obesity, high BP, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular risks.

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