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Ramzan Recipes

Special Kheema Samosa For Ramzan
Are you throwing an ‘Iftar’ party after the whole day fast during Ramzan? After all, celebrating the dinner with your friends and family has special a charm, right? If you want to try a simple, yet delicious, recipe, then try the ...
Special Kheema Samosa For Ramzan

Corn & Bean Salad Recipe For Ramzan
Ramadan begins on the 19th of June. During this holy season Muslims fast after sunrise till sunset. It is during this holy month, special kinds of food are prepared. One of the most loved Ramadan recipes to try out during this ...
15 Delectable Ramzan Recipes From Lucknow
Ramzan is a holy month of fasting for Muslims. But at the end of the fast comes the delectable food during Iftar. India has a varied and mixed social culture that reflects in or food. Lucknow for example is city of ...
Fifteen Delectable Ramzan Recipes From Lucknow
Qimami Seviyan: Lucknowi Ramzan Recipe
People have this conception that Ramzan recipes only incorporate meat and biriyani at the most. However, there is a wide variety in Ramzan recipes as well. There are vegetarian dishes that make great Iftar recipes and also some of the greatest ...
Thalassery Biriyani Recipe For Ramzan
If you are not a real foodie, all biryanis will taste the same to you. After all, it is only meat cooked with rice. However, it takes a real biriyani lover to appreciate the subtle difference of taste in different types ...
Thalassery Biriyani Recipe For Ramzan
Ramzan Special Recipe: Murgh Badami
It's time for the Iftar dinner and we are sure you are gearing up with the preparations. To lend a hand, we have a delicious and royal recipe today for you which is known as Murgh Badami. This special chicken recipe ...
Joojeh Kebab: Iranian Recipe For Ramadan
Ramadan is slowly drawing to a close but the frenzy for the delectable foods remains the same. So, what are your plans to cook for Iftar today? It would be a good idea to try something out of the ordinary and ...
Joojeh Kebab Iranian Recipe For Ramadan
10 Fried Chicken Recipes For Ramzan
Chicken is an ingredient that is easy to cook with. You can cook chicken with a variety of spices and it takes on the taste of the spices perfectly. There are several styles to cook chicken but none quite as delicious ...
10 Sumptuous Korma Recipes For Ramzan
Korma forms an integral part of Iftar dinner during Ramzan. Also pronounced as kurma, khurma and qorma, this dish originated in South and Central Asia. The word Korma is derived from the Turkish word 'Kavurma' which literally means cooked meat. Korma ...
Sumptuous Korma Recipes For Ramzan
Ramzan Special: Tehsildari Qorma Recipe
The month of Ramzan is at its peak and so is our craving for the most delicious dishes prepared for the Iftar. Meat forms the most integral part of Ramzan recipes. Beef and mutton are the most preferred kind of meat ...
Kheema Saag Recipe For Ramzan
Ramzan is the time when you are fasting for almost the entire day. This means you lose out on required calories and also become prone to acidity as your body doesn't get food. Ramzan recipes should thus be tasty as well ...
Kheema Saag Recipe For Ramzan
Khatta Meetha Chana Chaat For Ramzan
As you fast for Ramadan, there are more recipes that we bring to you so that you can have a healthy and delightful Iftar meal in the evening. To add to the same list today we have a vegetarian chaat recipe ...
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