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Special Kheema Samosa For Ramzan

By Debdatta Mazumder

Are you throwing an 'Iftar’ party after the whole day fast during Ramzan? After all, celebrating the dinner with your friends and family has special a charm, right?

If you want to try a simple, yet delicious, recipe, then try the special kheema samosa recipe for Ramzan.

Making kheema samosa for Ramzan is easy and the crispy snack after the whole day fast will definitely give you a heavenly taste. Also, kids will love to have it, as they are fond of snacks.

To make the special kheema samosa for Ramzan, mutton is mainly used in maximum households. But, if you want to keep it light and healthy, chicken kheema will also do.

To have an authentic kheema samosa, you’ll need ghee to fry. This is the time for celebration. You can keep aside your diet chart at least for the weekends.

Here is the recipe for the kheema samosa, have a look.

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Serves – 4

Preparation Time – 40-50 Minutes

Cooking Time – 15-20 Minutes


For Covering

Refined Flour - 2 cups

Butter - 2 tablespoons

Salt - According to taste

Hung Curd - 1½ tablespoon

Water as required

For Stuffing

Mutton/Chicken Mince - 500 grams

Oil - 2½ tablespoons

Finely Chopped Onions - 2

Finely Chopped Ginger - 2 tablespoons

Finely Chopped Garlic - 2½ tablespoons

Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves – a few strands

Finely Chopped Mint Leaves (optional) - 2 tablespoons

Finely Chopped Green Chillies - 2

Finely Chopped Spring Onions - 2½ tablespoons

Turmeric Powder - ¼th teaspoon

Red Chilli Powder - 1 teaspoon

Cumin Powder - 1 teaspoon

Garam Masala Powder - ½ teaspoon

Mutton Stock - 1 cup

Oil to deep fry

Salt - According to taste

Sugar - A pinch


For Dough Preparation

1. Take refined flour and add salt to it. Sieve it, so that no impurities remain.

2. Add butter chunks to it.

3. Add hung card.

4. Mix the mixture well and add water to make the dough.

5. Don’t pour water all together. Take as much as required to make the dough soft and smooth.

6. Now, cover it with a clean, damp cloth for 30 minutes approximately.

For The Stuffing

1. Wash the minced meat well, squeeze to drain excess water and keep it aside.

2. Heat oil in a pan. When you see it fuming, add the chopped onions.

3. Sauté the onions until those become transparent.

4. Now, add chopped ginger, garlic and green chilies and sauté all the ingredients for at least 15 minutes.

5. Add the minced meat into the pan and also add salt. Be careful while adding salt, as the dough also contains salt in it.

6. Sauté for a few minutes and then add the red chilli powder, turmeric powder and cumin powder.

7. Now, mix all the ingredients and add sugar.

8. Next step is to add the mutton/chicken stock and cook it at low flame. Cover the pan, so that the meat is well cooked.

9. Check if the meat has left oil and has become dry and sticky. If so, then add the garam masala powder and remove it from the stove.

10. Add coriander leaves, mint leaves and also the spring onions.

11. Mix all the ingredients well and you’re ready with the stuffing.

For The Samosa

1. Make small balls of the dough and roll out into an oval shape.

2. Cut it from the middle and shape it into a cone.

3. Fill the cones with the stuffing you made earlier.

4. Seal the edges with water.

5. Keep the samosas in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

6. Heat oil into a deep-bottomed pan and fry the samosas, until they become crisp and golden brown.

7. Soak the extra oil on an absorbent paper and serve hot with your favourite dip.

Isn’t it easy to make the special kheema samosa for Ramzan? You can serve it with some tomato ketchup or mint chutney, or even with some yogurt.

Try it and do give us your feedback.

Story first published: Thursday, June 9, 2016, 12:15 [IST]