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Oily Hair

5 Chic Hairstyles To Disguise Greasy Hair
We all face greasy hair days. You washed your hair the day before and today you wake up to oily and greasy hair. Argghh. This makes you pull your hair out in frustration! You don't have the time to wash your ...
Hairstyles For Greasy Hair

Bid Goodbye To Oily Hair, Try This Sea Salt Remedies
Oily hair can be a nightmare especially if you have an important event to attend and your hair looks greasy. The sebaceous glands on the scalp can sometimes produce excess sebum and the result is oily hair. Also, when you don't ...
How To Use Sea Salt To Treat Oily Hair
Easy & Effective Tricks To Treat Oily Scalp!
If your scalp gets greasy, two days from hair wash, chances are you have the dreaded oily hair! Oily hair invariantly leads to greasy scalp, limp hair and, the worst of all, breakouts! To avoid all this, we have curated home ...
Things That Make Your Scalp More Greasy!
The pain of having to wash your hair, every second day, to keep the grease from weighing down your hair is real! We figured it makes more sense to get to the root of the problem than fighting it aimlessly. Learn ...
Things That Make Your Scalp More Greasy
Hair Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easy!
Having hair that is soft as breeze, silky as feather and glossy like night sky, day after day, is easy said than done. And for those messy, greasy, dandruff-infested days, we got you life-saving hair hacks! Washing hair every third day ...
How To Style Unwashed, Greasy Hair
Greasy hair is often inevitable. We are either too lazy to wash our hair, or too sick, or may be it's just our busy schedules that is keeping us away from that shampoo bottle. Whatever it is, some days it's impossible ...
How Style Unwashed Greasy Hair
7 Best Home Remedies For Greasy Hair
Do you have hair that gets greasy no matter how many times you shampoo? Shampooing more often is not the answer to this problem. Hair tends to get greasy because of excessive sebum production in the scalp. There are some home ...
7 Natural Ways To Stop Your Hair From Getting Oily
Hair that is limp, flat and oily, well, not exactly our idea of a perfect hair, is it? What if we say, there are natural remedies for oily hair that will keep your mane fluffy like cotton candy, not one but ...
Seven Natural Ways To Stop Your Hair From Getting Oily
Got Oily Hair? Then Try This Homemade Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoos have been making waves in the beauty community for the past few years. And trust us, when we say that this trend is here to stay! Arrival of dry shampoos in the market has given a great relief to ...
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