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Mutton Recipes

Kheema Pakora: Ramzan Snack Recipe
Ramzan is the time when you will fast from sunrise to sunset and then break your fast with some delicacies. If you have been fasting all day, what would be the first thing on your mind. You will certainly not go ...
Kheema Pakora Ramzan Snacks Recipe

Ramzan Special: Mutton Haleem Recipe
With the holy month of Ramzan, the frenzy for some of the most mouthwatering delicacies has also begun. It's a treat to see the shops lined up selling some of the most craved for dishes during the time of Ramzan. The ...
Mughlai Shami Kebab: Ramzan Recipe
Ramzan is both a time of fasting and feasting. While the devoted Muslims fast during the day, they deserve a treat after sundown when they are supposed to break their fast. Ramzan recipes are elaborate and festive keeping with the spirit ...
Mughlai Shami Kebab Ramzan Recipe
Mouthwatering Boti Kebab Recipe
Awadhi cuisine is a foodie's haven. The delicious biryani, kulchas, parathas and of course, the kebabs of Awadh are to die for. The Nawabs of Awadh were famous for their gastronomic sophistication and love for food. That is why the royal ...
Top 10 Must Try Mutton Recipes From India
The very mention of mutton is enough to send us back to our childhood. The weekend special menu just could not be complete without mutton curry in the non-vegetarian households. It used to be so difficult to wait for the meals ...
Top 10 Must Try Mutton Recipes From India
Delicious Mutton Dak Bungalow Recipe
Dak Bungalow is an almost forgotten culinary treasure that originated in Bengal. It survives now among only a few remaining khansama(cook) families and Anglo Indian households. Few restaurants and clubs in Kolkata, still serve these dishes to keep this historic ...
Mutton Pepper Fry: Andhra Spl Recipe
Indians never stop craving for hot and spicy food irrespective of the season. Just imagine, it is the peak of summer and all I can think of is some rich mutton pepper fry. Originally, this is a dhaba style dish that ...
Mutton Pepper Fry Andhra Special Recipe
Delicious Chapli Kebab Recipe
Kebab is a heavenly food for the non vegetarian foodies. The feeling of the soft meat melting in the mouth, giving out robust flavours, is simply divine and matchless. Kebab was a specialty of the royal kitchens of the Nawabs and ...
Yummy Mutton Paya Recipe
Bored of biryani and mutton gravy? Then you should try out something different this afternoon for lunch! The yummy mutton paya is a famous delicacy in most parts of India. Though mutton paya takes up a lot of time, you will ...
Yummy Mutton Paya Easy Recipe
Kheema Mutti: Yummy Snack Recipe
We all have got used to picking up snacks from fast food joints or making quick fixes at home. How about enjoying something rich and decadent for a change? If you want an Indian mutton snacks that will satiate all your ...
Hyderabadi Shikampuri Kebab Recipe
The royal cuisine of Hyderabad is famous for its variety of kebabs and other meat dishes. Kebabs are usually associated with the advent of the Mughals in India. They brought the ingredients like the nuts, dried fruits and fragrances of rose ...
Hyderabadi Shikampuri Kebab Recipe
Khatta Meat: Kashmiri Mutton Recipe
Khatta meat is considered among the top Indian mutton recipes. This Kashmiri mutton recipe is different from the average over the counter mutton curry. As the name suggests, Khatta meat has a distinct sour taste. This dish is a staple for ...
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