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Are Mushrooms Safe To Eat?
Mushrooms are delicious when cooked with the best recipe. But, are some mushrooms toxic for you? The answer is yes. Some mushrooms are edible while some others come with toxic effects. Usually, mushrooms are widely used for cooking and are considered ...
Are Mushrooms Toxic For You

Step By Step: Mushroom & Baby Corn Recipe
A perfect recipe for every mushroom lover! With the twist of Indian masalas, this mushroom and baby corn recipe is a wholesome spicy treat - an indulgent sin you must try. Let's get going with today's simple Indian recipe of spicy ...
Chilly Mushroom With Babycorn
Mushroom and babycorn are two very popular items among vegetarians. Some years back, mushrooms were not really liked by many. However, today mushrooms are enjoyed for their flavour and texture. They can impart their flavour to the food or take on ...
Chilly Mushroom With Babycorn
Types Of Mushroom And Their Health Benefits
There are many of us who think twice before indulging in relishing mushroom dishes. In one hand certain section of people consider mushroom to be non-vegetarian, whereas on the other hand some of us avoid mushroom thinking them to poisonous in ...
Mushroom Kofta: A Mouthwatering Side Dish
Kofta recipes are very popular. In fact, this vegetarian recipe can be said to be one of the most desired on occassions and parties. Here we will try a mushroom kofta recipe. Mushroom recipes are in great demand due to the ...
Mushroom Kofta Recipe
Mushroom Fried Rice Recipe
Mushroom fried rice is an amazing vegetarian fried rice recipe. Mushrooms are a rich source of protein and hence ideal to consume. This is a low calorie fried rice recipe that can even be relished by dieters. Some spices like cardamom, ...
Mushroom Chilli: Spicy Recipe
Mushroom is not loved by everyone. This is fleshy and juicy fungus tempts very selective foodies. Also known as the meat of the vegetarians, mushroom is used in many recipes. Chinese, Italian, European and Korean cuisine use mushroom extensively. From starters ...
Mushroom Chilli Recipe
Spicy Mushroom Masala Recipe
Mushroom is an all time favorite dish. If you want to make a spicy mushroom dish then try this mushroom masala recipe.Mushroom masala recipe:Ingredients½ diced musroomschopped onionschopped tomatoesgreen chilliclovescinnamonred chilli powderground cumin powderturmeric powdergarlic pastefenugreek leaves for garnishingDirections to make mushroom ...
Garlic Baby Corn Mushroom
<strong>Ingredients:<br/> </strong>100gms Fresh Baby Corn, Juliennes<br/> 200gms Fresh Mushrooms, cut into halves<br/> 1 tbsp Butter<br/> 75gms Garlic, finely Chopped<br/> 1 tsp Paprika<br/> Salt to taste<br/> ' tsp Oregano<br/> A few drops of Vinegar<b...
Garlic Babycorn Mushroom
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