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Practices That Bring Demons And Negative Energies In Your House
The universe is filled with mysteries. While some have been dug into and discovered, yet others remain to be noticed. All the disciplines ranging from science to mathematics to astrology, are a compilation of the hidden truths of this universe. {image-practicesthatattractdemonsghosts-1546864282.jpg ...
Practices That Bring Demons And Negative Energies In Your House

Things That Hindu Women Are Forbidden To Do
In ancient India, most of the works were divided either on the basis of ability or on the basis of spiritual and astrological beliefs. From these, here we have a list of things that women were forbidden to do. It was ...
Why Do Most Hindu Mantras Begin With Aum?
We have often observed that most of the Hindu Mantras begin with an Aum and end with Swaha. What can be the primary reason behind it? According to the philosophies of ancient Hindus sages, Aum comprises three sounds - 'a', ...
Why Do Most Hindu Mantras Begin With Aum
Is Chi Just Another Name For Prana?
Chi is a Chinese spiritual term. It is said that it is that form of energy without which a living being cannot exist. It is also said that this was the energy which God had bestowed into dust to give it ...
What Is Chi Prana And Its Role In Life
Things You Should Not Do On A Thursday
A Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Brihaspati Dev, the Guru of gods is also worshipped on this day. Brihaspati Dev is said to be just another form of Lord Vishnu. We should worship Goddess Lakshmi as well on a Thursday ...
Places Where You Should Never Construct Your House
It is said that a well-built house according to Vastu is beneficial for the material and professional progress of the housemates. We adopt various remedies and tips to ensure the flow of positive energy in the house. While we do Pujas ...
Places Where You Should Never Construct Your House
Indications Of A Twitching Eye
Various beliefs exist in Hinduism which can be easily related to our everyday life. One of such common beliefs from the everyday life is the twitching of the eye. It is said that nature tries to give various indications to a ...
Benefits Of Offering Water To Surya Dev
There are many Gods and Goddesses that are worshipped in Hinduism. While Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, etc. as well as goddesses such as Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati are worshipped by all, the worship of Gods such ...
What Are The Benefits Of Offering Water To Surya Dev
The Four Stages Of Life According To Hinduism
Hinduism is one of the biggest religions in the world. It is the oldest religion in the world and the third largest after Christianity and Islam. According to the Hindu books on religion and life, there are four basic stages of ...
Auspicious Omens Related To Crows During Shradh
Pitra Paksha, a period of fifteen days during which Shradh ceremony of the long-departed souls is performed, is observed from the Purnima of the Bhadrapad month to the Amavasya of the Ashvin month. Pitra Paksha 2018 will begin from September 24 ...
Pitra Paksha Crows Indicating Your Near Future
Things That You Should Never Donate As Per Vastu Shastra
Donations have been emphasised upon in almost every religion that exists. It obviously highlights the fact that serving the needy and touching their hearts helps to touch the hearts of God as well. Hindu beliefs say that wealth doubles by ...

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