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These Birds And Animals Should Not Enter Your House As Per Astrology


Astrology says that there are some birds and animals that should not be let to enter your house. These birds and animals bring bad luck and bad omens when they enter your house. Take a look at the list of birds and animals that bring bad luck if they enter the house.



Pigeons generally stay in or near residential areas and are often spotted on the rooftops of both occupied and unoccupied houses. While they might enter the house searching for a shelter amidst rain, thunder and lightning, you should not let them stay in the house for long. Once they find a suitable place and build their nest, it might become inauspicious for the housemates. As it is said, it is a bad omen and becomes a reason for various problems when the pigeons make a nest in the house.

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Wasps And Honeybees

It is generally around summer end or autumn when honey bees or wasps enter the houses and search for cool places where they can take shelter and construct their mini labyrinths. It is better to remove these wasp nests as soon as you spot them. It is said they bring bad omens and invite accidents for the housemates.



The entry of bats is considered another bad omen. It is said that bats bring bad luck. Since bats are nocturnal animals, their movements during the daytime might prove to be more inauspicious. Bats are often associated with death and negative energies. Hence, it is said that these invite conflicts in the house along with the chances of financial losses.



Though owls do not usually come inside the house, we should not let them enter the house. Since owls can see only during the night, they would only enter at night. It is said that owls do not enter through windows and such small openings, they only come in when the main door might be open. Though owls might not stay there for long, it is considered an ill omen in many places when an owl enters the house.

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Black Cats

About black cats, it is said that when suddenly a black cat comes and starts staying in the house, it is considered inauspicious. It is a common belief that it might indicate black magic has been done or tried on the housemates. However, when a cat is already living in the house or nearby, and keeps coming to the house often it might not be inauspicious.

Story first published: Thursday, December 6, 2018, 17:40 [IST]
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