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How Does Spirituality Help In Modern Life?
People often ask what spirituality is. Can it be answered with an ideal definition? Well, let us try. "Spirituality is that discipline which consists of such beliefs and practices that help a human being attain inner peace." With that said, it ...
How Does Spirituality Help In Modern Life

Four Signs That You Have Been To Heaven
The philosophy that advocates that humans are sent either to heaven or hell after death is very old yet popular. But how do we know where we were sent in the previous birth? How do we know that we came to ...
What Happens When Shani Enters Your Zodiac?
If you have been facing any kind of obstacles in the way of getting promotion, or have been getting demoted or even experiencing slow down in your business or career, then it is a sign that Lord Shani has entered your ...
Superstitions That People Follow In Indian Weddings
Wedding time is a grand affair and to celebrate it, an auspicious day is chosen according to the religious calendars people follow in India. Amidst all of these things, there are those superstitions as well that people cannot avoid, as they ...
Indian Wedding Superstitions That People Follow
Superstitions Involving Mothers-To-Be
Every culture will have its own set of superstitious beliefs. It is surprising to see that people still believe in all these things. Some people go only by these beliefs and superstitions. Like the two sides of the coin, there is ...
Shocking Reasons Not To Comb Hair After Sunset
Indians grow up listening to and following various beliefs and superstitions. A lot of Indians have a set of beliefs and superstitions that are carried from generation to generation. Some are verified and have scientific reasons behind them, while others are ...
Shocking Reasons Not To Comb Hair After Sunset
Superstitions About Cats From Around The World
Cats have always been associated with bad omens and bad luck. Perhaps no other animal is as feared and revered so much at the same time. Some cultures have worshipped cats like Gods while others have seen them as demons and ...
Do You Believe In These Superstitions?
There are many superstitions that are followed by people. We all are superstitious in some or the other way. We might deny that we are practical and not superstitious, but, at some point, we believe in it. For example, a black ...
Most Common Superstitions
Hindu Myths About Menstruation
There were and still are a lot of customs to be followed by Hindu girls during their menstruation. People in recent times laugh at such unreasonable Hindu customs. Menstruation is not an easy thing in a woman's life. It is all ...
Superstition: Is It Just A Mental Belief?
Superstition is a weakness of the human mind. It is a belief which was inherent in mind and has always been there.According to a superstition, if you cut an apple in half and count how many seeds are inside, you will ...
Superstition Beliefs Culture
Code Of Ethics From Superstitious Beliefs!
Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how code of ethics stem from superstitious beliefs to become moral codes. Have you ever wondered how normal events turn into superstition or moral codes? A Short story. In an ashram in India, its ...
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