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How Does Spirituality Help In Modern Life?


People often ask what spirituality is. Can it be answered with an ideal definition? Well, let us try. "Spirituality is that discipline which consists of such beliefs and practices that help a human being attain inner peace."

With that said, it is also important to understand that these practices might not be the same everywhere. While waking up early and performing Surya Namaskara or meditating for a while might be spiritual practices for one person, another person might feel that going to the temple and sharing one's good and bad moments of life with God is being spiritual.

For another person, having a conversation with a spiritual teacher and learning about the greatest lessons from scriptures might mean being spiritual. In fact, there are precepts that staying close to nature through oceans, greenery or mountains is also a part of being spiritual. This leads us to the conclusion that spirituality is a subjective term. Then what is it actually? What is the purpose of spirituality? Let us dig a little deeper and understand it.

Everybody needs peace. More so in this modern world which is pretty much advanced and is still advancing every second. There was a time when people used to live close to nature, lived simpler lives and the world was not as complex as it is now. The outer as well as the inner infrastructure of the world did not upset the people much. In that age of 'Gurus' and 'Gurukuls', peace would just come by and spirituality seemed to be the way of life. So it is the inner peace which is the ultimate aim of spirituality. Be it by practising meditation, reading spiritual books, listening to the philosophical lectures of a preacher or by speaking your heart out to what we call gods, spirituality helps bring peace for sure.

With no such Gurus and their Ashramas around, the discipline of spirituality seems to have lost its significance. And the peace has been lost. But is it as true as it appears to be? And if it is true, can the inner peace be restored? With the current available sources of spiritual learning, and the complex life that the modern world offers, does being spiritual make sense at all? What are the benefits of being spiritual in the modern world? Let us explore.


Improved And Peaceful Relationships

Frustrated conversations and dying relationships demand some space and air. Which means that we are not giving the right directions to our relationships. With confused hearts and cluttered up minds, we fail to give the right thought to our personal affairs. Spiritual practices such as meditation help us purify the brain and calm it down. A calmer you will be able to create better and positive thoughts.

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A Solution For Depression

This can help cure serious problems such as depression as well. Depression is an intensifying problem of the modern world and spirituality is the solution. It brings back the lost balance in life.


Lessons For The Heart Through Books

Did you do something very lovely for your spouse? Good. But did that sprout some expectations in your heart as well from them? If yes, then spirituality is for you. Many a time in life, emotional expectations from relatives and friends do not get fulfilled.

Almost all the spiritual books around the world preach that one should not let expectations from people develop in their hearts. They teach us to accept the way others are and not to expect them to walk as per our choices. Various other lessons that we need to learn while dealing with the day to day affairs of life, are offered in spiritual books.


Spirituality And Work Life

Lesser expectations, better relationships and thus a balanced personal life, is the key to a successful professional life. The better we feel, the more peaceful the mind is. A peaceful mind thinks clearly and logically. The vision improves and effective decisions come out. This is one of the reasons why spiritual Gurus across the world have started emphasizing on the need for spiritual camps for the employees. Spirituality at work place is therefore not new a term these days.


Spirituality In Medical Science

Researches across the world have often found that a happier patient shows faster recovery as compared to the one who is not happy. Spirituality entails peace as a sure outcome. One learns to make peace with the outer world and the inner chaos of the heart. Thus spirituality can be of a great help in the field of medicine as well.

Let engineers be sharper, let the accountants be smarter, let the doctors be more logical, let the vision be clearer, let peace entail and let spirituality prevail.

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