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How Does Spirituality Help In Modern Life?
People often ask what spirituality is. Can it be answered with an ideal definition? Well, let us try. "Spirituality is that discipline which consists of such beliefs and practices that help a human being attain inner peace." With that said, it ...
How Does Spirituality Help In Modern Life

Things That Lonely People Can Connect To
Being lonely is not a cup of tea for many. Certain things define a loner, it is either by choice, or some reasons push them to become loners. There are still some people who prefer to be alone and do not ...
What Moms-to-be Think In Their Last Month Of Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a miraculous time that is to be enjoyed and cherished; at the end of which, you will have your baby in your arms. But pregnancy is not a bed of roses. It can be terrifying too, especially towards the ...
What Moms To Be Think In Their Last Month Of Pregnancy
Ouch!! This Is What Girls Think While Making Love!!
Things get steamy and hot while you make love and there are various thoughts that your partner would get while they are under you! Have you ever wondered what a girl thinks while making love? Well, there are thousands of thoughts ...
Sentences That Will Change Your Thoughts!!!
Words are mightier than swords and this is something that we all would agree to. Sometimes, words can also change a person's life, as they can be quite hurtful and have a great impact on their minds. Some words can totally ...
Women With ADHD More Likely To Have Suicidal Thoughts-Finds Study
Women with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have more than four times the odds of suicidal thoughts and generalised anxiety disorders, says a study."Many people think of ADHD as primarily a boys' disorder which has little relevance for girls and women. Our findings ...
Meditation Tips For Stress-Relief At Workplace
Modern days, with the hustle-bustle of life, owing to fast paced run in the competitive arena, calls for stress. Stress may be caused due to various pressures in life, stemming from work, family, disease etc. Though everyone experience stress from ...
Meditation Tips Stress Relief Work Place
Stop Naming, Be Thought Free!
One man got onto a bus and sat down next to a young man. He could see that the man was a hippy. He was wearing only one shoe.He asked him, ‘You have lost one shoe?’The young man replied, ‘No, I ...
How To Be Non Judgemental
How can you keep thoughts away from what truly IS? How can you enjoy each moment all the time?Try this small technique. When you see something, for example a person, or a situation, or a book, or anything, normally old thoughts ...
Non Judgemental Conditioned Thoughts
Your Mind Is Trained To Think Negative!
It is like this: there is a continuous current of chatter happening in you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. From this current a few spikes rise. These spikes are what you feel and express as worries. Worries ...
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