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Thoughts That Girls Get When They See A Man They Like

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Have you ever wondered what does a girl think when she looks at a man? Or what are the things that a girl thinks of a man when she looks at him? Well, we're here to discuss just that!

Gone are the days when people used to get married to the ones whom their parents would have selected for them. Also, during those days, girls were not allowed to look at their spouse's face until the day they got married. We are so glad this trend is not followed anymore!

Nowadays, girls know what they want and they know how exactly they can get it.

No doubt that good looks will be advantageous for a guy, but unfortunately, that is not what most of the girls look for in a potential love interest.

Women often prefer an all-round great guy. They would prefer to know if his beauty goes deeper than the skin and if he's an overall good human being.

However, here we've listed few of the thoughts that a girl gets, when she sees a man she likes.

Check out the thoughts that a girl gets when she looks at a man whom she is interested in. We're sure you would agree to it as well.


If He is Really Hot!!

If he is really hot in person, then being merely good looking needs to be checked well, after all one cannot judge a book by its cover! The girl would take her own time to know the guy first before moving on to the step. But, this is for sure that she would admire his looks for the first time.


If He Is A Spendthrift

Expensive tastes are fine, but is he the kind of soul who can win over loyalty? No matter how big a spender he is, a girl would definitely want her man to be loyal and not a spendthrift.


If He Has A Good Physique

This is something very important that most of the girl's look for! A girl wonders if a man has a good physique, does he have really good moves as well? Well, you would be lucky if he knows it well! WINK :)


If He’s Selfish

If the man displays his selfish traits, then you bet, he'll only take care of himself. And trust us, no girl wants that and that's definitely not the kind of guy she's looking for or is thinking anything about.


If He Is A Smart And Intelligent Person

We ain't talking about looks here, instead we're discussing about how well a guy can take a joke and pull off playful pranks to keep you laughing. For sure, any girl is really gonna fall in love with sucha soul! The ideal thought that would come to a girl if she sees a man of this quality would be, "I WANT HIM!!"

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Story first published: Saturday, September 17, 2016, 16:08 [IST]
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