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How To Know Whether She Is Aroused

Some men know how to detect women's moods but most of the others are clueless. Of course, we can't blame anyone for this as nobody taught us in the schools or elsewhere about being sensitive to the highs and lows of women's moods.

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Women can easily detect a man's moods because a hard manhood tells tales about where a man is pumping all his blood. But how to detect whether a woman is aroused?

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Well, many changes occur in the woman when she travels through the lanes of ecstasy. And your job is to just look for the following clues. They can reveal what kind of dirty things are going on insider her mind.


Sign #1

If you are sensitive enough and if you are a man who can smell well, her body emits a kind of smell that tells that she is totally aroused. You want a scientific reason? Well, when pheromones are secreted, you get that peculiar scent from her and that can speak volumes about her mood.


Sign #2

Her temperature- yes, her body heat is a good indication! Just touch her and you can feel her skin warmer than normal. It could mean that she's excited!


Sign #3

Actually, the clitoris swells when she is on a high. Only if you have enough access to view those areas, you will know whether you have been successful in elevating her moods.


Sign #4

The next indication is too private. You might or might not be able to detect it as it is the ‘wetness' down there. She might get totally wet there, because her body tries to make preparations for natural lubrication. But wait, some women may produce very small amounts of discharge and they may need the help of lubricants. Therefore, this indication might or might not work in all cases.


Sign #5

Her tongue can also tell a lot. When both of you are in the bedroom and if she tries to lick something while talking to you then it could mean that she's game for it!


Sign #6

If she is undressed you can also look at her heart. Oh no! Not the heart that beats but just above; erect nipples are an indication that she is ready for an adventure.


Sign #7

Her voice is another indication. If your girlfriend suddenly changes the pitch of her voice, or talks sweetly or if her voice signifies her hidden carvings, then it could mean that you just got lucky!

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