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Why Men Fall Asleep After Intercourse

Many women complain that men tend to sleep soon after a passionate lovemaking session. Women expect a lot more after intercourse.

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They need hugs, kisses, conversations and a lot of cuddling but all that men feel like doing after burning tons of calories in bed is to fall asleep.

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Remember that it is an exercise and men get exhausted after taking the active part. He must be tired or he felt too good that he wants to sleep in your lap. Many reasons are there behind his sleepiness. Read on to know more...

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Reason #1

A scientific study claims that we generally relax the whole body during lovemaking. Also, the mind sheds all anxieties and even hidden fears during passionate love making. This is enough to create the ideal conditions to fall asleep, right? So, he slept.


Reason #2

Generally, if lovemaking occurs at night, that too, in an exhausting way, it is quite natural for the man to feel sleepy. Don't slap him for that! Remember that in most of the angles, men work harder during lovemaking.


Reason #3

When a man experiences ecstasy, his conscious mind gets shut down just like the state of sleep. So, he feels sleepy! Some theories say that women don't experience the same brain chemistry and that's why they demand for more when the man falls asleep after one big session.


Reason #4

Another theory says that certain chemicals get released in the brain after making love mostly in men. When prolactin, vasopressin, nitric oxide, serotonin, oxytocin and norepinephrine release, a man will naturally feel like sleeping.


Reason #5

Some theorists claim that a man loses the mood lift soon after ejaculation and this may make him fall asleep as it is like a sudden switch from a high to a different condition.


Reason #6

Also, a man feels too comfortable after a hot session and this will generally create favourable conditions to fall asleep.


Reason #7

Putting aside all those theories, some men aren't just talkative and they prefer lovemaking and sleeping soon after that. As simple as that! Try to understand him and also make him understand you if that is possible.

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