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Hymen Myths: Do Women Bleed During First Experience

Most of the men think that a woman needs to bleed during the first lovemaking episode if she is really a virgin. But frankly speaking, this is a misconception.

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Also, men have various other misconceptions; they think that lovemaking should cause a lot of pain to the woman if she is really a virgin.

Well, every woman is different and each person's body could react in a different way. This means that some could bleed during the first entry whereas some may not. It has nothing to do with virginity.

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So, men may need to come out of such false beliefs. It would be foolish to think too much about virginity as love is a powerful force that can add meaning to life more than any other concept like intercourse or virginity.

Here are some more facts...


Fact #1

The bleeding during the first intercourse occurs due to something called as hymen. It is nothing but a thin protective layer of skin present in the interiors of the private parts. When it tears, bleeding could occur.


Fact #2

What many men do not know is the fact that some girls are born without a hymen and some have it partially which makes them go without bleeding when they do it for the first time.


Fact #3

Some women lose their hymen when they indulge in sports activities. Some may lose it when they insert a tampon.


Fact #4

Those who don't lose it may bleed during the first experience of lovemaking and yes they may feel a bit of pain as it could hurt a bit.


Fact #5

In some women, bleeding could occur but there could be no pain at all while love making. So, it doesn't mean that she isn't a virgin if she isn't in pain.


Fact #6

In some women, the hymen may get cut while masturbating too. In some women, it may break without any reason too.


Fact #7

There are many other occasions during which a woman can lose hymen without any intercourse. Activities like cycling, horse riding, running or jumping could also cause stress over the area.

These are the reasons why it would be foolish to associate the idea of virginity with bleeding or pain during intercourse.

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