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How To Hide Your Erection In Public Places

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Erections are good but not when they are unwanted. For example if you are in a public place, you don't want your pants to look tight and bulgy.

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Also, imagine this situation: when your colleague or someone else in your workplace or college comes to talk to you and if your pant bulges suddenly, it would be too embarrassing.

Generally, many teenagers complain that erections happening in school or college literally puncture their self-esteem and make them laughing stock among other boys around.

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Also, when such a thing happens when you are talking to your crush, you wouldn't struggle to hide it. Well, here are some ideas to do so.


Tip #1

If you are sitting on a chair near table, simply drag it near your table and hide your crotch below the table. That will hide your embarrassing erection.


Tip #2

If you are in a sitting position, cross your legs. This can hide the erection.


Tip #3

Place a magazine or newspaper in your lap and act as if you are deeply engrossed in it. If you can't act well, simply place the magazine on your lap and hide the erection.


Tip #4

Pretend as if you have a back pain and it triggered all of a sudden. And then, remove the tucked in shirt so that it covers the bulge.


Tip #5

Push your hands inside your pocket and act as if you are seriously searching for something. This will cover up the bulge in your pants.


Tip #6

Pass urine if you feel the urge. This will also relax your manhood again. Sometimes, even a full bladder could cause the tightness.


Tip #7

The best thing to do is distract your mind. Remove romantic impulses in your mind and think of something serious as the erection will loosen up. Or else think about targets.


Tip #8

Go to the restroom if none of the above works. Stay there only until your body forgives you.

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