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Is It Safe To Reuse Bath Towels? No!
Is it safe to reuse bath towels? How often should you wash your bath towels? Well, most of us seldom have the time to think of this matter. But it is important. What's the problem with towels? Firstly, the texture of ...
Is Peeing Too Much A Sign Of Bad Health?
Is frequent urination normal? Well, the number of times you visit the toilet can also decide how healthy or unhealthy you are. Your urinary system may take a blow if your lifestyle or health are bad. Also, your hydrating habits have ...
How Many Times To Pee In A Day
Facts About Bathroom Falls And Injuries Among The Elderly
Though bathroom is the place to relax and unwind, it can also turn into a dangerous place especially due to the slipperiness of the floor. Wet floor can even take lives! Though none of us bother much about bathroom safety tips, ...
How To Know If You Have Piles
Some health issues make daily life very difficult. Piles is one of them. When hemorrhoids get inflamed, it is known as piles. What are hemorrhoids? They are clumps of tissue present in the anal canal. They contain muscle, blood vessels and ...
How To Know If You Have Piles
Why You Must Squat To Defecate?
Though the western toilet is very convenient, it isn't healthy to sit while pooping as nature has designed us to squat while eliminating wastes. Some studies even claim that sitting could raise the risk of hemorrhoids, appendicitis, constipation and IBD! Also ...
Why Does He Take So Long To Come Out Of The Loo
Not all men, but some men tend to take a lot of time to come out of the washroom as they do many other thing inside. This could irritate women for sure. Also Read: Are You Made For Each Other? For some ...
What Men Do In Bathroom
How To Hide Your Erection In Public Places
Erections are good but not when they are unwanted. For example if you are in a public place, you don't want your pants to look tight and bulgy. Also Read: Why Some Men Sleep With Strangers Also, imagine this situation: ...
Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bathroom Odours
Bathroom odours can be quite a hassle, especially when you have guests at home. If you want your bathroom to smell good and fresh, then here are some of the kitchen remedies or ingredients you can use to get rid of ...
Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bathroom Odours
Ways To Remove Bad Smell From Bathroom
It is said that the aesthetic taste of a person can be realized best from his/her bathroom. This is not any exaggeration but a real truth. Everyone like to decorate their house, they make it neat and clean. People spend lots ...
Easy Tips To Make Bathroom Look Bigger
Having adequate space in the bathroom is more of a necessity than a luxury. Just like all other rooms, bathroom also needs to be given equal importance. To have bathrooms with a huge space is more like a dream come true. ...
Easy Tips To Make Bathroom Look Bigger
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