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Why Do People Wear Black Thread Around Their Ankle?
Different religions have different beliefs, especially when it comes to getting rid of evil and negative energy. You may have seen people wearing black thread around their ankle, neck, waist or wrist. While nowadays, some women and men wear it to ...
Significance Of Wearing Black Thread

How Does Spirituality Help In Modern Life?
People often ask what spirituality is. Can it be answered with an ideal definition? Well, let us try. "Spirituality is that discipline which consists of such beliefs and practices that help a human being attain inner peace." With that said, it ...
Spiritual Gurus And Saints of Hinduism
India is a land of multiple religions. And these religions have been guided and guarded by the philosophies given by great saints and hermits. Here we have brought you information on some of the most influential sages and gurus. Take a ...
Spiritual Gurus And Saints Of Hinduism
What determines your place in the hell ?
We hear so many times in Hinduism that the sinners are taken to hell after death. This is one of the most prevalent belief not only in Hinduism but other religions as well. Well, there are many sins, then must also ...
6 Ways To Clear Negative Energy
The moment you enter a room and feel negativity around you, then you need to check on how to remove the negative energy at home in an easy way. Or have you had an argument with somebody and you felt tension ...
Six Ways To Clear Negative Energy
Know These Myths About Your House
There are many myths and beliefs that most of us follow. Be it the vaastu of the house or the door number or even the angle where you are supposed to place the stove in the kitchen, etc., everything is checked ...
Ever Wondered Why Number 13 Is Unlucky?
Have you ever wondered why is number 13 considered to be an unlucky number? Everybody wants to escape the number 13 written behind their jersey. They might hang upon the number 11, 12, 14 or 15, but never choose 13 even ...
Ever Wondered Why Is Thirteen Number Unlucky
Myths & Beliefs Of A Stopped Clock!
Do you know why we should never let a clock be stopped? One is supposed to either change the battery or the cell of the watch that has stopped working. There are beliefs and myths that are related to stopped watches ...
Stop Believing These Condom Myths
One of the most controversial topics has been - condoms. There are a few facts that you would need to know about this controversial product, as there are many myths and beliefs about the same. Here, in this article, we are ...
Stop Believing These Condom Myths
What Do Moles Tell About Your Personality
This article is purely fictitious and has no offense to anything or anyone. We're here to share some of the myths regarding moles. These moles are sometimes known to be either lucky or unlucky for a person having them. Moles are ...
Do Vampires Really Exist?
From Bram Stoker's Count Dracula to Stephenie Meyer's Edward Cullen, vampires have always instigated our interest for some or the other reason. We fear them, we love them and we always want to know more about them. Most of us ...
Do Vampires Really Exist
What's The Secret Of Your Name?
Shakespeare said what's in a name? But your name holds a crucial importance in your life. Your name defines your individuality and your personality. Sometimes your name is a reflection of your traits and your destiny. It is said that ...
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