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What determines your place in the hell ?


We hear so many times in Hinduism that the sinners are taken to hell after death. This is one of the most prevalent belief not only in Hinduism but other religions as well. Well, there are many sins, then must also be different according to that. A sin of higher degree must beget a punishment too o a higher order. Well to make it easy for you, we have mentioned a list of sins and their related punishments. Take a look.

Those who harass the wealth of others

The one who has harassed the wealth of another man, is sent to a prison named -Tamishram. In this prison, the man is beaten until he becomes unconscious. When he regains consciousness, he is beaten once again. This process is continued until the duration of his punishment is not completed.

Greedy spouse

Marriage is not the bond of bodies but that of souls. Whosoever does not respect his her spouse, is sent to- Andhatmatsram. Here they are tortured in various ways.

Who exploits others' resources

If a person exploits others' resources, he is taken to Rokham prison. Here the person is subjected to snake bites multiple times. Also the people who are jealous of others and are greedy, they too are taken to the same prison. One must therefore never think of exploiting the resources of others unnecessarily, as believed I Hinduism.

Kumbhipakam is one of the deadliest prisons in the hell. Those who kill animals are taken to this prison. It is Yamdeva doesn't like the people who kill animals for their selfish reasons. Thats why he one who commits this sin is take to the Kumbhipakam prison, where he is dipped into boiling oil many times.

Disrespect to parents

Kalasutram is the jail where the captives are subjected to such a extremely high temperature, which seems intolerable. It is said that those who disrespect the elders or hurt their parents are taken to this prison by Yamadeva. Those who abandon heir parents in their age, also fall under the same category.


As believed in Hinduism, there is a prison named, Asitapatram, where the captives are abducted with knife many times. This punishment is given to those who do not fulfill their duties, mainly because of laziness. Those who run from their responsibilities have to undergo this punishment until the time period for their punishment is not over.

The Tyrants

the people who rule over others with tyranny, are sent to Sukermukham prison. They then have to undergo different types of tortures, which feel like tyranny to them.


Taptamoorti is prison where it is hot that the inhabitants feel fire is literally raining. It is believed that the thieves are sent to this prison. Those who have stolen valuable items of others such as golds, diamonds, or other items are taken to this.

Uncountable mis deeds

Those whose wrong doings have no measures, ad who have committed wrong deeds most of the times in their life are taken to Vaitarni River. This is a dirty river which they are made to cross as a repayment of the sins they have committed in their life.

Disrespect To The Women

disrespecting the women has been mentioned as a very immoral and consecrate habits under Hinduism. As is believed, they are taken to Puyodka. Puyodkam is believed to be a well filled with all sorts of waste. The men who have cheated women are taken to this prison as a punishment. Those men who disrespect their own wives and torturize them are sent to the prison known as Lalaabhaksham.


Lying is another sin as per the rules of Hinduism. Therefore those who take the support of lies for their selfish motives or because if others have to suffer losses because of their lies, they are taken to the Avisi named prison. Here they are thrown from big heights as a punishment.

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