Stop Believing These Condom Myths

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One of the most controversial topics has been - condoms. There are a few facts that you would need to know about this controversial product, as there are many myths and beliefs about the same.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the most interesting condom myths and beliefs that most of us need to know about.

These are the facts that youngsters these days need to understand, as teens these days are quite sexually active.

Check out some of the most interesting facts about condoms, which some of us may not share with each other. These facts can clear your mind of the condom myths for sure.

So, learn these facts and make sure you use one as well.


MYTH: You Need To Be An Adult To Buy Condoms

Though one needs to be an adult to establish their sexual contacts, one needs to remember that anybody can buy condoms at any given age. It's just the same way you buy a toffee off the counter!

Note: This does not mean that we are encouraging youngsters to do this!


MYTH: Condom Is Not Required During Anal Or Oral Sex

Whoever thought that condom is not required when you're having oral or anal sex is wrong, my friend! Condoms are not only aimed at preventing pregnancy, but they also help avoid spreading of viruses.


MYTH: Condoms Do Not Expire

They in fact do expire! Using expired condoms can cause rashes and irritation on the sensitive skin. They can also break easily and lose their flexibility.


MYTH: Condoms Make You Less Sensitive

No, they don't! There are few condoms that are designed in a way that it can delay orgasm, but it does not make one less sensitive in any given way!


MYTH: Condoms Are Not Required If The Girl Is On Pills!

Whoever said this is a fool in his little world or is just plain lazy! Remember that pills don't prevent STDs and they have a failure rate for pregnancy as well. So, think before you blink!


MYTH: Two Are Good!

This is a dumb fact. It is sheer stupidity to go for "double bagging", as it can cause friction and the condoms may tear up easily. Instead, use one and use it in the right way!


MYTH: Sleeping With Nice People Does Not Require Protection

Oh, Really? It is not about trusting your partner while making love. It is all about protecting your ownself from various STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 6, 2016, 17:58 [IST]
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