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Unknown Facts About Love Bites

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Making love is a special thing and having love bites after the act makes it even more special. These are the marks that can remind you of the special time you had with your partner.

But, do you know that there are certain side effects of these love bites as well? Read on to know more on facts about love bites, here!

We've shared some of the unknown facts and secrets about love bites that you should know. These are the facts that most of us ignore and instead end up giving as well as receiving love bites.

Facts like love bite can even kill a person is something that we hardly knew of!

So, find out more about such interesting facts on love bites that you should definitely know by now.


Fact #1

The origin of a hickey or love bite happened in the animal kingdom. The males generally nibble the necks of the females while they make love.


Fact #2

People who have more of iron deficiency tend to get hickeys easily. One can include greens and fish in their diet to get rid of this.


Fact #3

It can cause a stroke and a person can die as well. There have been cases of people getting a stroke after a steaming hot session with a love bite! Yes, no one would want this.


Fact #4

One can contact oral herpes if the person already has herpes and bites the uninfected person. The chance of contracting oral herpes through love bites is actually quite high.


Fact #5

It can leave scars on your body permanently! If the intensity is more and the scar is deep, then for sure the scar would last for longer.


Fact #6

It can cause serious sex-related injuries. Love bites can make it look like the person is subjected to forced sex, and as if his/her body has received harsh blows.


Fact #7

Kamasutra has a special mention about hickeys too. They are called ‘coral and the jewel', where the lip is addressed to as the coral and teeth as the jewel.


Fact #8

There is no instant cure for hickeys or love bites. Only time can heal it or your makeup can cover it to save you from the embarrassment!

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 16:41 [IST]
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