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Know These Myths About Your House

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There are many myths and beliefs that most of us follow. Be it the vaastu of the house or the door number or even the angle where you are supposed to place the stove in the kitchen, etc., everything is checked in most of the houses.

We wonder if these myths and beliefs really work or if it is the mindset of the people. Here we bring to you some of the myths that people believe in when it comes to living in their house.

Humans have this notion that certain things can bring bad luck to them and their families and hence they do everything possible to keep away from such things.

Sometimes, even the person who does not believe in these things can end up in believing about it due to other people's interference.

Some of you may have heard about some of these myths and beliefs, and for the others who haven't, these beliefs may also creep you out!

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Belief #1

A bird flying through an open window is said to bring bad luck to the house, as it is seen as an omen for death!


Belief #2

If a loaf of bread is turned upside-down after cutting, then it could be deadly, as it would invite evil spirits. Few even believe that the head of the family can die due to this act! Talk about a more weird belief than this!


Belief #3

It is believed that bees are messengers of God and when bees settle over your house, there's a myth that says it may be a sign of death in the family.


Belief #4

Moving into a new house with an old broom gets nothing but negativity! It is said that the dirt trapped in the broom from your old house carries the negative energy from your old house.


Belief #5

It is believed that if a mirror breaks on its own, then it is a sign that somebody in the house is going to die soon. Why do people think so negative!!


Belief #6

If a broken clock chimes, it may again be a sign to show that there will be a death in the family. Also, if a stopped clock chimes, then it is considered to be a warning.


Our Take On This

Well, these were only a few of such illogical beliefs with regards to living in a house that people believe in. We'd only want to tell everyone to stop fearing about death and start living life in a care-free manner.

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Story first published: Friday, October 28, 2016, 0:37 [IST]
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