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Auspicious Omens Related To Crows During Shradh

Pitru Paksha: Crow Significance: पितृपक्ष में कौए के इन संकेतों से टल जाती है विपत्तियां | Boldsky

Pitra Paksha, a period of fifteen days during which Shradh ceremony of the long-departed souls is performed, is observed from the Purnima of the Bhadrapad month to the Amavasya of the Ashvin month. Pitra Paksha 2018 will begin from September 24 and will end with Amavasya on October 8.

Pitra Paksha: Crows Indicating Your Near Future

While the Shradh ceremony should ideally be performed on the Tithi (Indian names of the days of the month) on which the ancestor had died, it can be performed on the Amavasya day as well. In fact, an Amavasya is generally dedicated to the ancestors and they should be worshipped on every Amavasya throughout the year.

There is a ritual which involves offering food to the crows during these days. Beliefs prevail about various indications from crows seen during the Pitra Paksha. Some of these beliefs are given below. Take a look.


A Crow With Flowers And Leaves In Its Beak

Though a bird carrying flowers, flower petals or leaves is nothing big or strange, a crow carrying these indicates an auspicious happening. And the sight of such a happening is what is believed to be the most auspicious. It indicates that some wish of yours is going to be fulfilled soon.

Pitra Dosha: Indications And Remedies


A Crow Sitting On A Cow

There is another such rare indication. If one sees a crow sitting on the back of a cow, and the crow is seen rubbing its beak against the body of the cow, it is said to bring fulfilment in terms of good food to the person. So you can expect good food when you next see a crow like that.


A Crow Sitting On A Thick Green Tree

Well, this one is not rare at all. It is a happy omen when you see a crow sitting on a tree. The tree should be green as well as a thick one. The indication that the crow gives in such a case is related to money. One might get monetary gains when such a thing is sighted.


A Crow Carrying Straw In Its Beak

If the crow is carrying a straw (dried grass) in its beak, it is believed to be another auspicious omen. Such a scene indicates that all financial problems are soon going to be removed. It also means that all the projects that were being delayed are going to meet success soon.

Pitra Paksha Dates And Significance


When A Crow Comes From Your Left Side And Feeds On Something

If suddenly you notice that a crow came from you left hand side and started eating something kept there, you should know that it is a good omen; the indication being that your journey that was being delayed will be completed or any project related to travelling is going to meet success.


A Crow Sitting On The Back Of A Pig

When you see a crow sitting on the back of a pig, it means that you are going to be rich soon. Goddess Lakshmi is pleased with you and is going to shower her blessings is what is indicated by such a sight. A similar omen of monetary gains is indicated when a crow sitting on a heap of grains is sighted.

Story first published: Sunday, September 23, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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