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Things That Hindu Women Are Forbidden To Do


In ancient India, most of the works were divided either on the basis of ability or on the basis of spiritual and astrological beliefs. From these, here we have a list of things that women were forbidden to do. It was said that these bring inauspiciousness when women undertook these acts.While the beliefs were prevalent among the orthodox Hindus, only a detailed study of these can reveal the truth whether these were logical or mere prejudices. Here, we have brought the list of things that Hindu women should not do. Take a look.


1. To Break A Coconut

It is said that women should not break the coconut offered to the Gods during Puja. It is said that a coconut symbolises Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Urvara. Only men are permitted to break the coconut; women are forbidden.


2. To Wear Janeu

While we know that Brahmins wear a sacred thread known as Janeu, it is equally important to know that only men can wear this thread; women are not supposed to wear any such thread or sacred item which identifies them as Brahmin women.


3. To Worship Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman was a Brahmachari. Brahmacharis in ancient times not only remained celibate but also would often stay away from women. They considered most women to be their mothers. Hence, women in ancient Hindu societies would often not worship Lord Hanuman. Even if some women did, they would make sure not to touch the idol.


4. To Chant The Sacred Aum

It has been heard that Aum, often chanted at the beginning of a mantra should not be chanted by women. Some people believe that since Aum is associated with Lord Shiva, it should not be chanted by women. Others hold the opinion that a pressure is experienced near the navel region while chanting Aum, which is not good for a woman's health. However, very few people believe this notion and such a practice might have prevailed in ancient times, but no such rule is observed these days.


5. To Cut Sitafal/Custard Apple

Hindu women should also not cut custard apple. However, they can cut it further if a man has cut it first.


6. To Attend Funerals

It has been a belief that women were not allowed to attend funerals because of the ghost effects. It was believed that ghosts would often target women. Hence, to avoid this, they were told not to enter the cremation ground. Another belief was that it would be difficult for women not to shed tears and tears would not let the departed soul attain peace. Hence, they were forbidden to go to the cremation grounds.

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Story first published: Friday, December 7, 2018, 14:56 [IST]
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