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Practices That Bring Demons And Negative Energies In Your House


The universe is filled with mysteries. While some have been dug into and discovered, yet others remain to be noticed. All the disciplines ranging from science to mathematics to astrology, are a compilation of the hidden truths of this universe.

These mysteries can be now be found in the form of books that were written by those who could reach the latent and remote corners of the universe. From these collections, here is a list of some practices which are believed to attract negative energies, such as demons and ghosts. Hence, we are told not to do these things.


Using Perfumes At Night

It is believed that we should not use perfumes at night. This attracts all forms of negative energies. Negative energies remain predominant at night since it is dark and they like darkness. Combined with this, the scent of a perfume also causes the ghosts and their energies to become active.


Abandoned Places

Pregnant women should not go to abandoned places or near the crossroads. Such places are homes to negative energies. Pregnant women are also more vulnerable to being attacked by such energies. Hence, in order to protect her health as well as the life of the baby, a pregnant woman is always advised not to cross or pass by these places.


People With Weak Willpowers

A person who does not have a strong willpower is also prone to be affected by ghosts. It is said that ghosts take a control of the minds of such people and start using them for destructive activities. Their weak willpower fails to resist the intrudance of the ghost. Hence, one should possess strong willpower. Others are advised to stay away from those with a weak willpower, for their own safety.

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Certain Food Items

One should not cook non-vegetarian food at home for dinner. Cooking such items at night attracts the already predominant negative energies to become more active. They not only like the aroma of non-vegetarian food but the food is also very dear to them. One should also not go out while or soon after eating a sweet dish.

Story first published: Monday, January 7, 2019, 18:05 [IST]