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Four Signs That You Have Been To Heaven
The philosophy that advocates that humans are sent either to heaven or hell after death is very old yet popular. But how do we know where we were sent in the previous birth? How do we know that we came to ...
Chanakya Niti Four Qualities That You Have Been To Heaven

Practices That Bring Demons And Negative Energies In Your House
The universe is filled with mysteries. While some have been dug into and discovered, yet others remain to be noticed. All the disciplines ranging from science to mathematics to astrology, are a compilation of the hidden truths of this universe. {image-practicesthatattractdemonsghosts-1546864282.jpg ...
These Are The 8 Types Of Marriages In Hinduism
Marriage in Hinduism is a spiritual concept. There are four stages of life in Hinduism: Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanparastha and Sanyasa. From these Grihastha refers to the stage of marriage (also known as the stage of the householder). Marriage is an institution ...
What Are The 8 Types Of Marriages In Hinduism
Spiritual Gurus And Saints of Hinduism
India is a land of multiple religions. And these religions have been guided and guarded by the philosophies given by great saints and hermits. Here we have brought you information on some of the most influential sages and gurus. Take a ...
Spiritual Gurus And Saints Of Hinduism
11 Lesser Known Facts About The Aghori Sadhus
We often hear the word Aghori, which we know is a term related to sages, whom we see as fearsome looking men with ash smeared all over their body. While some say they are holy saints who have divine powers and ...
Importance of Worshipping A Bilwa Tree On A Monday
Shiva Purana mentions the importance of a Bilwa tree, where it has been described as a form of Lord Shiva. Each day of the week has been dedicated to a god in Hinduism. Monday is seen as a day for offering ...
Importance Of Worshipping A Bilwa Tree On A Monday
Importance Of The White Aak Plant In Hinduism
The aak plant is a common plant available in the Indian subcontinent. It is also known as Arsh, Mandar, Madar or Akaua. The scientific name of this plant is Calotropis gigantea. While there are many kinds of aak plants, the one ...
The Significance of Shiva's Trident
All the Hindu gods possess sacred objects which symbolize the divine powers or are weapons which they use to protect their devotees with. Many a time, various stories are associated with these sacred objects. For example, the Sudarshan Chakra that Lord ...
The Significance Of Shiva S Trident
Lesser Known Facts About Maharishi Vedvyas
Maharishi Vedvyas was the sage who authored the longest epic ever, the Mahabharata; who wrote the Vedas, as well as the Puranas. How did he gain that power to know the past and to predict the future? How did he become ...
Worship Trees As Per Your Zodiac
Trees In Religion Trees are the most precious possession of the earth; the foundation of life and the wealth of nature. They are home to all the creatures and all the life forms. They are worth being reserved and respected. ...
Worship Trees As Per Your Zodiac
Tulsi Mala – Rules To Follow & Benefits Of Wearing It
Tulsi is one of the most sacred plants in Hinduism. Personified as Goddess Tulsi, she is worshiped as a deity. People grow Tulsi plants in their homes and women offer prayers to her early morning. Planting a basil tree in the ...

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