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Things You Should Not Do On A Thursday


A Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Brihaspati Dev, the Guru of gods is also worshipped on this day. Brihaspati Dev is said to be just another form of Lord Vishnu. We should worship Goddess Lakshmi as well on a Thursday as she is the wife of Lord Vishnu. A Thursday fast is observed to please Lord Vishnu and Brihaspati Dev.

Astrology says there are some things which should not be done on a Thursday. Since the planet Jupiter is also associated with Lord Brihaspati, it is said that doing certain things displeases Brihaspati Dev. As a result, educational and spiritual progress is hampered. Here is the list. Take a look.


Cutting Nails On A Thursday

It is said that we should not cut nails on a Thursday. Similarly, shaving should also not be done on a Thursday. Besides these, we should also not cut our hair on a Thursday. Doing this weakens the positive impacts of the planet and it is said that it reduces one's life if he does any of these on a Thursday.

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Hair Wash On A Thursday

It is said that we should also not wash our hair on a Thursday. Jupiter in the horoscope of a woman is associated with husband. When a woman washes her hair on a Thursday, it affects the prosperity of her husband negatively. That is why women are told not to get a haircut also on a Thursday.


Washing Clothes

Washing clothes on a Thursday is also not considered good. Mopping the floor on a Thursday is also not considered good. Doing these also hampers the academic progress of children in the house. It is also not considered good for progress in terms of wealth and financial condition of a person.

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Cleaning The Cobwebs

It is considered necessary to clean the house every day, as per Hindu scriptures. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi does not come to your house, if there is no cleanliness. Moreover, we should never let cobwebs to be formed anywhere in the house. However, if the spiders have made some cobwebs, these should not be removed on a Thursday. Hence, cleaning of the corners and removal of cobwebs should be done the previous day, if it is so needed.