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    Things That You Should Never Donate As Per Vastu Shastra

    By Subodini Menon

    Donations have been emphasised upon in almost every religion that exists. It obviously highlights the fact that serving the needy and touching their hearts helps to touch the hearts of God as well.

    Things That You Should Never Donate As Per Vastu

    Hindu beliefs say that wealth doubles by sharing it with someone in need. It is helping the poor that pleases Goddess Lakshmi so much. However, apart from this, there is another notion that the donors are often reminded about. While donations hold a huge religious importance, we should not choose anything and everything for donation. Yes, you read it right, there is a list of things that you should not donate as per Vastu. Here is that list, take a look.


    Handkerchiefs And Old Clothes

    Most of us often think of donating old clothes when their utility for us declines. Donating old clothes is not considered to be good. The belief is associated with planet Venus. Venus gets disappointed if we donate old clothes to someone. It leaves a negative effect on the luck. Similarly, since a handkerchief is used to wipe off the sweat on forehead, we should not give it as a donation. Forehead is often associated with luck.


    Work-related Items

    Giving away work-related items may cause downfall in your work. If you work as a writer or in a creative field, never give gifts like pens, books and such. Pen symbolises all the good works you have ever done in life, it symbolises the bundle of your virtuous deeds. Hence, we should never give our pen to anybody as a donation. This implies the giving away of all those virtuous deeds and the associated good karma to the person. The same applies for the other industries.


    Sharp Objects

    You might have seen fancy knives or swords in shops. But never make the mistake of buying these and giving them to your near and dear ones as gifts as well or to the poor as donations.

    Sharp or pointed objects invite negativity into your homes. It creates bad luck for both of you and you will see ill results immediately. It will also cause problems in your relationship. So, if you are ever giving a sharp object as a donation, it would be better if you don't.


    Objects That Have Water

    Aquariums, fish bowls, little fountains and such are also used as donations or gifts. But these items will lead to your good luck passing on to the person who receives them.

    You do wish your friend good luck but you should also take care of you own luck. Financial losses are often the most common result of someone who gives away water-related objects.


    Old Books

    Yes, we often donate old books to poor kids. But the belief says that we should never give our books as donations. Since it is the books that we gain knowledge and success from. Hence, giving them away might mean, giving away of the hard-earned knowledge and success. While we can donate new books, we should abstain from donating the old ones.


    Items Of Steel And Plastic

    Items of steel such as steel vessels should not be given away. It is believed that it degrades the fortune and prosperity of the house. Similarly donating items of plastic is considered bad for one's business.


    Leftover Food

    Leftover food and stale or old food should not be given to anybody. Similarly we should also not give used oil to anybody (e.g., oil used for cooking).

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