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Places Where You Should Never Construct Your House

By Ishi

It is said that a well-built house according to Vastu is beneficial for the material and professional progress of the housemates. We adopt various remedies and tips to ensure the flow of positive energy in the house. While we do Pujas to get the blessings of our family deities, we also adopt various other measures so that the aura remains positive.

However, it is said that these measures might not be useful if the construction of the house itself has been done at a wrong place. Here we have brought to you a list of the places where you should never construct your house. Read on.


Near The Crossroads

Bhavishya Puran, one of the scriptures of the Hindus says that a house should never be constructed near the crossroads. Two roads crossing each other is not considered good for the people staying nearby. It affects the married life negatively, due to which clashes between the partners happen too often.


Near A Butcher's Shop

The house should be located away from a butcher's shop. It is because the energy that comes from this shop is considered negative and inauspicious for the people staying nearby. It might cause poverty and hinder the happiness of the house.


Near A Hospital

You should avoid buying a house near a hospital. The environment is not considered auspicious as not just various germs might spread, but the frequent deaths or poor health of the patients might also cause a negative effect on the aura of the house.


Near An Abandoned Place

A place which has been abandoned since years, might consist negative energies. It is considered a big Vastu Dosha if the house is situated near shattered or collapsed houses or abandoned property. Moreover, unusual incidents also happen more at such places.


Near A Liquor Shop

Houses should also not be located near liquor shops according to Vastu Shastra. In Hinduism, it is believed that evil spirits and negative energies get easily attracted towards things like liquor, non vegetarian food, etc. Hence the suggestion, that houses should be situated away from these places.


Near A Cremation Ground

This statement is commonly heard that houses should not be constructed near crematoriums. Shastras say that it might cause negative energy to prevail in the house, which is not good for the inmates of the house. Besides this, a place where some suicide had taken place is also believed to be inauspicious as a site for the construction of a new house.

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Story first published: Friday, November 30, 2018, 21:30 [IST]
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