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Beware! 13 Disadvantages Of Junk Foods You Probably Didn't Know
Everyone loves to gorge on junk foods, especially children who don't have the willpower to resist the temptation. A study revealed that children who watch junk food advertisements increase their risk of unhealthy food choices, which they make within less than ...
7 Dangerous Baby Products That All Parents Should Avoid
All babies love to play with toys. Some toys are safe to play with and stimulate a baby's senses. Rattles and toys that are in different shapes and colours stimulate their developing vision. However, some small toys and baby products are ...
Everyday Habits That Are Harming Your Body
Every day we do certain things knowingly or unknowingly and some of them may harm our body. These day-to-day activities could pose health risks. They make your immunity very weak over a period of time and also affect your eating and ...
Everyday Habits That Can Hurt Your Body
10 Dangerous Jobs For Your Lungs
Studies have pointed out a rise in the number of diseases that are work-related. Your work environment plays a major role in your overall health which otherwise can cause various health problems affecting your heart, lungs and every other organ. About ...
Worst Jobs For Your Lungs
How Does Social Media Cause Eating Disorders
Social media has effectively penetrated into our lives, be it our dinner table, classroom, or workplace. Social media has no boundaries and is especially the soft target for the children and teenagers who hook into their mobile phones 24 hours. So, ...
Can Drinking Eight Glasses Of Water A Day Harm You?
Challenging the popular notion that we should drink eight glasses of water a day for good health, researchers have found that drinking too much water can put people in danger of water intoxication. Researchers from the Monash University in Victoria, Australia, ...
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