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10 Worst Foods For Your Brain
More than your belly fat, what you eat affects your brain. There is a possibility that you might be losing your knowledge because of the food you eat. What you eat can increase your brain power or sometimes it can make ...
Worst Foods For Your Brain

Harmful Side Effects Of Diet Pills
Do you want to lose your weight in no time and are you looking for shortcut ways? Diet supplements and diet pills are undoubtedly the fastest way to lose weight; however, these drugs are not necessarily supported by any clinical research ...
Smartphone Use At Night Not Harmful: Finds Study
Do you love to read e-books on smartphones or tablets late at night, but are worried about the negative results of the blue light exposure? Take heart, as according to a study, ample exposure to daytime light may help combat sleep ...
Smartphone Use At Night Not Harmful Finds Study
Harmful Effects Of Eating Red Meat
It's said, 'what you eat is what you are'. And we humans just love to eat!People are vegetarians, non vegetarians, vegans, omnivores, fruitarians, raw foodists, macrobiotic and the list just goes on. Some people eat to their stomach's content, others to ...
How Nail Polish Can Affect Your Health
Women are special creation of God. They are born beautiful. Moreover they know the tricks to behold their beauty forever. They are well aware to present themselves according to the mood of different occasions. She knows how to match her lipstick ...
How Nail Polish Can Affect Your Health
Bad Habits That Are Good For Health
Habits are a part of human personality. People have both mixed, bad as well as good habits. Habits are addictive and are difficult to quit. Your habits somehow decide your nature and health as well. Causes Of Eyelid Twitching To ...
Unhealthy Foods That Cause Food Poisoning
Contamination of food can happen at any point of the food processing. Food poisoning is a common problem. One should be aware of foods that causes food poisoning.In some cases, food poisoning can be even more serious, which will result in ...
Unhealthy Foods That Cause Food Poisoning
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