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Bad Skin Habits That No Dermatologist Will Want You To Follow

All beauty blogs and new coverage discuss about healthy skin habits and to-dos. On the contrary, there are a few bad skin habits which we may be following unknowingly.

However, if you ever ask a dermatologist, then he/she can best tell you what are those bad skin habits which we need to avoid at any cost. Even if you find it weird but among these bad skin habits, you must be doing one or two.

To help you out in knowing about some of them, we're presenting this list of the common bad skin habits that we've found men and women guilty of following.

So, go through the list and if in case you're following any of these, then it is high time you quit them. These bad skin habits can lead to adverse effects and land you up at the dermatologist's chamber forever.

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Breaking, Plucking Or Picking The Skin

This is a serious DO NOT FOLLOW habit. Blasting zits and boils on the skin is also harmful. In fact, the more you break, pull, pluck or pick on your skin - the more skin problems you will gather.


Over-cleansing Your Skin

In the aim to keep your skin clean, you should not over clean it. Those who over clean their skin, end up losing natural oils and fluids on the skin making it too dry and harsh. Over-cleansing of skin happens when you wash your face, more than the number of times required. Over scrubbing the skin is also a bad habit.


Continuing To Use Gritty Scrubbers

Scrubbers come with microbead particles. Use a gentle scrubber that has fewer microbead particles. If your scrubber has extra microbeads then its gritty texture affects your skin. During scrubbing when you massage extra microbeads of the scrubber on your skin, the lustre and softness of your skin get wiped off.


Over Experimenting With Skin Care Products

Whether homemade or cosmetic, when using a skin product or method, you have to ensure you continue applying it in order to see a change on your skin. If you constantly change your skin care products, then the skin also gives up and reacts. Thus, use any skin product or treatment for long, wait for a result and if you're still unhappy, you can always change your skin care method.


Limiting To The Face

For some skin care initiatives end at the face! Well, your skin makes the largest organ of your body and thus, you should treat it equal from head to toe. Extra skin care initiative on the face and no good habits for the feet, is a bad skin habit in itself. The skin requires equal attention and effort all over, from top to toe.


Repeating The Use Of The Same Makeup Brus

Makeup is, of course, important and is an incredible part especially for women. In the process, often makeup brushes are kept dumped at one end of the dressing table and reused without even cleaning them. This leads to massive skin disorders and aces the scope of clogged skin pores. It is highly recommended to clean your makeup brush regularly if you intend to be a part of good skin care habits.


Overstocking Your Makeup Products

It's always tempting to buy new makeup products. However, when it comes to using them, we forget some or just keep them stored. Later, one fine day, we apply it on the skin. This is another major mistake that one should not do on their skin. When applying any makeup product on the skin, first check its expiry date and then use the same.


Sleeping On With Makeup

A strict no from dermatologists is, sleeping with your makeup all over the face. This is really harmful. As makeup particles react on the skin all night long, the effect can be disastrous. So, no matter what, get up and WASH THAT MAKEUP OFF!


Wrong Direction Of Applying Liquid Beauty Products

A common mistake in skin care routine done by both men and women is applying liquid makeup in the wrong direction. The direction of applying the liquid makeup is upwards that is, from the chin to head. Those who do it inverse could face premature skin sagging issues and lose out on the skin elasticity.


Counting On The Assumptions

Many skin care activities happen based on assumptions. For example, a red spot on the face can only be a pimple. This is very wrong. Before starting on any skin activity, prior verification on what has happened and what requires to be done in the treatment is important. Wrong skin treatment can lead to the worst of skin allergies and reactions.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 27, 2017, 20:00 [IST]