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Marriage Nowadays Is The Most Beautiful Tragedy

You must be wondering about marriage in the subconscious mind. The thing about marriage and its opinions changes from people to people. Some think of marriage as a beautiful act of conjugation between two human beings and some think it as a beautiful act of two families bonding as well. There are some people who think marriage is all about knowing each other and sharing the vulnerabilities as well as the happiness of two souls.

But, there are also some who think marriage is a tragedy. I must say it all depends on your mind and your ways of thoughts that come to you. Why? Marriage can be good, it can be worse as well. If a person is a pessimist, he might not actually get into a marriage of his own will. He would feel marriage is a tragedy. Even an optimistic person can think this way. He would probably get into a marriage and walk out of it. No one knows.

marriage nowadays is the most beautiful tragedy

In the present generation, marriage has become a game of barter. Why? Two people get into a marriage and at the end walk out of it because of a lot of problems.

Let's talk about these problems that suggest marriage is a beautiful tragedy these days.

1. Compatibility Issues

Most of the couples these days are working. Marriage becomes a liability for their freedom. They try to cope with the scenario of marriage and at the end after prolonged dissatisfaction, they quit it. This is one big reason for the increase in divorce rate.

Most of the people are preferring to stay single and independent rather than getting into a marriage. They are being unhappy with the way things are generally going on. Marriage is all about adjustment but do we see that often in the couples of the 21st generation? We, don't. We have the privilege of being single.

Compatibility issues are one big issue that most of the relationship counsellors talk about. Most of the couples are unhappy somewhere or the other after being married. The adjustment rate of a couple after the marriage has decreased.

2. Different Mindsets

This is another reason for a lot of painful marriages. The partners have different mindsets and they do not compromise. The arguments are long and at the end, it is a tragedy to see to a couple fighting each and every day over these conflicts.

Marriage becomes a tragedy when the adjustment factor or the compromising factor is deleted.

3. Infidelity

Another big reason is infidelity. It has been a concern in most of the couple. Cheating is wrong in a marriage. It breaks the trust, the beliefs and the values. Infidelity causes a lot of trouble in the marriage. Every man and woman is possessive about his/her partner. But when they see their partner cheating on them and seeking the satisfaction elsewhere, it shatters their mind.

Infidelity is one big reason why marriage is a tragedy these days.

4. Sexual Differences

Couples having different sexual preferences are often unhappy with their marriage and it becomes a painful part of their married life. They prefer walking out of the marriage. This is the reason why marriages are falling hard onto the ground.

5. Traumatic Life Situations

At times in a married life, traumatising situations arise and coping up with these situations becomes difficult. When the couple, doesn't handle these traumas properly, it becomes difficult to hold the marriage in order.

One of the partner if loses the patience to deal, they walk out of the marriage. This is one more reason why marriage nowadays is a big tragedy.

These are the reasons that say marriage nowadays is the most beautiful tragedy.

How to make marriage stay beautiful and not a tragedy?

Can we?

These are the questions that I want you to think and work it out in your marriage.

Believing in your partner and constantly trying to make the marriage better is the way to see the beautiful rainbow on your married timeline.

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Story first published: Friday, July 6, 2018, 12:42 [IST]
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