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    Planning On Avoided Ego Clashes In Your Marriage? Tips You Can Use

    Ego clashes in marriage are one of the main reasons for divorces. There is a thin line between ego and self-respect. Self-respect means to respect your values, while ego means to show disrespect to the others or your partner.

    Ego clashes are often a common sign of disturbance in the system of marriage.

    avoiding ego clashes

    When ego comes in between couples, then their married life is at stake. Couples need to maintain the gap between ego and self-respect.

    Ego problem between husband and wife usually arises due to the fear of losing control over your partner or due to the insecurity of losing your spouse to someone else.

    People don't even realize that they have ego problems and it eventually leads to breakups or divorces.

    In order to curb these problems, I have summed up certain points that you need to look into for avoiding ego clashes in your marriage.

    Tips You Can Follow To Avoid Ego Clash:

    Do Not Be Proud

    Being proud could be a reason of ego clashes in a marriage. Pride leads to ego. Pride makes you feel superior to the others. You must never think that you are the best among the two. Every person has some negative and positive points. Your partner is equally intelligent and responsible as you are. Feel lucky to have your partner rather than showcasing your proud behaviour and superiority.

    Praising Yourself Always Should Be Avoided

    Always praising yourself in front of the others doesn't help much to impress them. It feeds your ego and makes you overconfident and ultimately results in ego clashes in a marriage. If you have the habit of telling others about your achievements or success every time, then you can get trapped with ego problems easily. So, praise yourself in limits. Don't overdo it.

    Do Not Engage In Humiliating Your Partner

    Always keep in mind that husband and wife have equal importance in making a home peaceful and lively. It's not always you who is important. Respect your partner in front of your friends and family. This will help in keeping your relationship healthy. Marriage thrives on love, respect, and trust. If you do not respect your partner, your marriage is certain to fail.

    Try Giving Compliments To Your Partner

    It's okay to be a good critic when dealing with friends. But with your spouse, you got to learn to think and speak as one bad comment can spoil the relationship. Learn to appreciate your spouse. Compliment him or her every now and then. This will create a healthy relationship and will keep your ego at bay. Complimenting nature has always created a positive effect.

    Try to Understand Each Other's Weakness

    How to avoid ego clashes? Respecting difference of opinion can help to avoid an ego clash. Each and every person has some of the other weak points and they become a part of their personality. You being a partner need to understand that fact about your spouse and love your partner for the person he or she is. Doing this can avoid ego problems among couples.

    Do Not Have Superiority Complex

    This can be a problem not only with men but also with some women. Keep your gender superiority aside and respect your partner. He or she can be equally superior as you are. If your partner is more good-looking than you or if your partner is professionally doing better than you, then it should not come between your love and respect for him or her. After all, you are sharing the same life, same problems, and same joys. So, kill your ego and not your love for your partner. It helps a lot to the both of you.

    Give Each Other Time

    How to solve ego problems in the marriage? Lack of communication can also be a reason for ego problems between husband and wife. When you spend quality time with each other, it becomes easier to understand and love your partner. Love for your partner will eventually kill your ego and this is only possible when you spend time in loving and understanding each other.

    Remember these points, as these will help you in cleansing the ego in your marriage. Act sensitively in your marriage, displaying a promising act of love towards your partner and see the way ego washes away to the shore from the depth of your love from each other.

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    Story first published: Saturday, June 9, 2018, 9:00 [IST]
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