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How Do You Know He Is Eyeing To Marry You?

You and your partner have been seeing each other for quite some time now. You have known him pretty well and you really enjoy your time together. Certainly, things might not have been perfect for you and your partner but you know relationships are never designed to be perfect.

You have had your share of hurdles and obstacles along the way but you both have always found a way to just pull through. You have always been able to work through whatever problems you might have as a couple and have stuck with each other.

There are certain things that your man does for you in order to make you notice that he is eyeing to marry you. Five of them are the most basic characteristics and every woman in a relationship should know about these.

Let's go through them.

1. He Tells You About His Wishes To Be With You And Have A Family With You

If he is talking to you about ideas of settling down in his life, then you can best understand that he has plans of marrying you. Else he wouldn't be bringing up these things with you if he didn't have plans of eventually tying the knot with you. He is already foreshadowing the kind of lives that you and he will have together.

2. He Doesn't Entertain The Idea Of Entertaining A New Relationship With Anyone Else

You know he is into you when he avoids talking with you about being with anyone in a new relationship, even when you are the one to put it up. You know that he is always going to stay committed to you. He is always going to make it a straightforward point to stay loyal to you. He is never going to make you feel like he would replace you. If you know that he's straight with you, then you don't have much to worry about anything. This suggests that he is eyeing to marry you.

3. Things Keep Moving Forward

Keep everything in perspective of moving forward. Just because he hasn't proposed to you yet doesn't mean your relationship isn't moving forward. It might be a slow and gradual pace in moving forward but it never becomes stagnant.nSo as long as the both of you are still maintaining a strong passion and intimacy with one another, then you can always have something to be happy about. This indicates the man is in love with you and is eyeing for marrying you.

4. He Has Married Friends

If your man is trying to bring out the marriage proposal and is keen on marrying you, he will definitely try to talk with you about his married friends. He always showcases the love between his friends and their partner. If your man's most of the friends are married already, he is going to start feeling like the odd man out and be more comfortable taking the leap himself. This shows his keen interest in marrying you.

5. His Normal Behaviour Starts Going Into Overdrive

If he is about to propose to you, he will start talking about everything as it is having for the first time with him and you. If you have been together for a while and all of a sudden, he starts to act 'first-day-of-school' excited, that might mean he is getting giddy at the thought of proposing you.

These are the sure shot ways to know that your man is eyeing to propose you. Marriage is something that no one can ever take lightly and it is certainly something that no one should just be rushing into. There are many factors that go into determining the strength and potential of a marriage. And these are all things that really need to be taken into consideration before anything is solidified.

You wouldn't want to be pressured into going into a marriage that you're unsure of. So you shouldn't be doing the same with him either. Your time will come. And the both of you just have to make sure that you are both ready for it when it does. And if you play your cards right, your marriage will be the most amazing experience of your lives.

Story first published: Monday, June 25, 2018, 15:52 [IST]
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