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Ways To Show Anger In Your Marriage

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Ways To Show Anger
Do you have constant fights with your partner? Do you throw things at each other or yell at the top of your voice? Then you are not showing your anger in the right way. Remember that you are mature adults and that is why you are married. You cannot throw up your hands and wail like kids to get what you want. A bit of smart anger management is necessary in your marital life. Fortunately a temper tantrum is not the only way to show anger to your spouse. There are better and more effective ways to do the same.

Ways To Show Anger In Marriage:

1. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Save your anger for another day. If your spouse has really pissed you off for something, then you will surely get a perfect chance to throw back at him/her another day. Just don't react immediately and this way, you will avoid a lot of marriage problems.

2. Shouting will drain you out. If you are angry with your spouse, then express the anger on him or her, not on your self. Shouting and crying will take a toll on your body, so it defeats the purpose to showing anger. it is much better to let him cook his own dinner as a punishment!

3. Outbursts should happen once in a while. It is good to get the pent up frustration of marriage problems out of your system. So you can have an angry outburst once in a while. But if you burst out at him/her everyday then your emotional outbreak will lose its impact.

4. Ignorance is bliss. They say that 'hate' is just love gone bad but indifference is real 'hatred'. No, we are not telling you to hate your spouse. But ignoring your partner for a while is the best way to teach him or her a lesson. Start doing things on your own like going for a drink with friends or a girl's night out. Your spouse will surely notice and try to amend.

5. Never be visibly angry. You need to master anger management so that your spouse never explicitly knows that you are angry. Once he or she knows that you are angry, they can easily take advantage of your charged emotional state. Remember, anger is an emotion that few can control and if you say something bad to your spouse when in anger then the balance will automatically tip in his/her favour.

You must show anger in the right way especially if you are married. Simply because marriage problems become less complicated if you control your temper tantrums. What you do to control your anger when fighting with your spouse?

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 16:37 [IST]
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