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Are You Staying Married For The Wrong Reasons?
Most of the time, a bad marriage gets drag beyond its limits because the partners are not willing to let go of the marriage even after it has gone beyond repair. It is the tendency of people to stay married for ...
Are You Staying Married For The Wrong Reasons

Ways To Know You Are Ready For Divorce
A divorce is not like a break up that comes suddenly and shakes your life. Just like you need to be mentally prepared for marriage, you also need to be mentally prepared for divorce. No one other than you knows if ...
8 Things To Never Say If Spouse Loses Job
Life is always full of ups and downs. You might have married someone who is settled in his/her career just like you are. You might also have to quit your job after you get married or have a baby because your ...
Eight Things To Never Say If Spouse Loses Job
Ways To Deal With Over Demanding Spouse
Does your spouse surprise you with unreasonable demands? Are you feeling tired keeping up with your spouse's demands all the time? Dealing with an over demanding spouse is not easy. However, you must still try to do your best. Your partner ...
13 Ways To Make Your Husband A Happy Man
When a woman marries a man, she expects him to keep her happy. In fact, everyone else always talks about how a husband should keep his wife happy. No one discusses how a wife can make her husband a happy man. ...
Thirteen Ways To Make Your Husband Happy Man
Can A Marriage Without Intimacy Survive?
Marriage has no standard formulas to work out. If there was a readymade way to make your marriage work, then there would not be any divorces in the world. The truth is that each one has to work out their marriage ...
Signs You Need To Plan A Baby Now
Having a baby is a decision that affects your marriage in a big way. Many a times, having a baby at the wrong time can ruin your marriage. However, it is also important to have a baby at the right time ...
Signs You Need To Plan Baby Now
11 Causes Of An Unhappy Marriage
Marriage is a relationship where it takes two to tango. There can never be an unhappy marriage in which only one person is unhappy. As Leo Tolstoy said, all happy marriages resemble each other but each couple is unhappy in its ...
11 Worst Reasons To Marry Her
Men have several crisis situations before they come to the decision of marriage. It is partly because men are not infatuated by the glamour of the wedding day and the need to look their best in a wedding dress. But men ...
Eleven Worst Reasons To Marry Her
How To Move Out After Divorce?
How to move out of your house after a divorce? You must be thinking that it is a lame question. After all, they show in the movies that you just pack your things in a tiny bag and make your way ...
12 Little Things That Change After Marriage
There are loads of things that change after marriage in your life. For women, their last name changes. For men, their taste buds change forever. The entire dynamic of your life is turned topsy-turvy after you are betrothed to your spouse. ...
Twelve Little Things That Change After Marriage
10 Reasons Men Still Get Married
Married men are the butt of all jokes these days. Whenever a couple of guys get together, they talk about how much happier they were before they got married. Every time a guy proposes to his girlfriend, his friends treat it ...
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