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Are You Staying Married For The Wrong Reasons?


Most of the time, a bad marriage gets drag beyond its limits because the partners are not willing to let go of the marriage even after it has gone beyond repair. It is the tendency of people to stay married for the wrong reasons. They try to be martyrs by staying in bad marriages and end up ruining their own lives as well as that of their partners.

There are many people who stay in a marriage just because they are lethargic or have too much inertia to break out of the mundane drone. It is much better to take a divorce and live peacefully than staying in a marriage for the wrong reasons. You need to realise that being married for the incorrect reasons makes the relationship null and void.

Just like your reasons to end the marriage must be right, your reasons for staying in a bad marriage must also be valid. And in reality, there is never a reason good enough to drag a relationship beyond its shelf life. Here are some of the wrong reasons to stay married.



Most couples stay together despite being torn apart just because of their kids. But this always backfires because the kids grow up seeing their parents fight and bicker and imbibe that trauma forever.


Financial Dependency

It is better to be poor and happy than being rich and miserable. If you hang on to your spouse just because you can't manage on your own, then you will only be cheating yourself.


Joint Ventures

A marriage leads to many joint financial investments. So, if you are scared to lose out on money if you take a divorce, then it is a practical concern. But money and investments really come secondary when you look at your mental peace.


Social Backlash

Were you ashamed to tell your friends about your breakup? But when it comes to your marriage, you feel shame and agony to disclose your divorce to your friends. Many people continue to stay in unhappy marriages just because they are too ashamed to face a divorce.



Some people also stay in a bad marriage because they do not want to dishearten their parents. This happens a lot in India where marriages are arranged and families are involved in the matchmaking process.


Fear Of Loneliness

Most people get married because they do not want to be lonely all their life. The fear of loneliness is great when you are faced with the option of a divorce. You tend to be scared that you will be left alone.



Marriage is a habit forming substance. You tend to get habituated to living with a person. Just like old bad habits die hard, it is hard to leave an errant spouse after some point of time.

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