Why Thinkers And Feelers Gel Well

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All of us are different and we perceive life in different ways. But you know what? Relationship experts say that two partners who can complement each other with their world-view or thinking pattern may survive in the relationship longer.

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For example, when two deeply emotional people are hurt, both of them may feel depressed instead of consoling each other. And when two logical minds start arguing, the argument may never end as they keep coming up with explanations to win.

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But when one is a thinker and one is a feeler, the relationship may survive well at least in a majority of cases. People with logical minds are thinkers and those with an emotional mindset are feelers. Both have their own set of plus points. So let us look at some possibilities of such a combination.


Benefit #1

Thinkers look at facts whereas feelers rely on their emotions. So, when both of them come together, there are chances of complimenting each other. Also, the decisions that they take together without conflict may work well. But if there is conflict then they may not be able to understand each other.


Benefit #2

Thinkers need concrete evidence to conclude something but feelers can make out that something is wrong even by noticing the vibes. For example, when the partner is upset, a feeler would easily understand that by observing the tone, facial expressions or simply the vibes of the partner.


Benefit #3

When feelers are lost in emotions, their partners who are thinkers can convince them to see the facts and control their emotions.


Benefit #4

Thinkers may tend to apply logic in everything they see whereas feelers can help the thinkers to enjoy life without trying to reason out everything.


Benefit #5

When a conflict arises, thinkers need proper argument that convinces their reasoning mind whereas a feeler just needs a hug and love to make things better.


Benefit #6

Thinkers can act on many problems and solve them faster whereas feelers are good at making life beautiful for the thinkers with their unconditional love.


Benefit #7

Thinkers get their kick from intellectual conversations whereas feelers get their kick from being loved.


Benefit #8

Thinkers take time to fall in love though they can make the first move whereas feelers fall in love fast though they hesitate to make the first move.

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