What Makes You Unattractive?

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There are certain qualities that make us attractive or unattractive to others around us. Most of us often wonder why some people get closer to us and some distance themselves.

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So, once you understand what brings people to you and what might repel others, you can shape your personality in a better way.

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In fact, every action of yours and behavior trait sends certain signals which indicate your attractiveness. So, let us discuss bout them.



Many studies have concluded that high levels of cortisol may make us less attractive. In fact, when you are stressful, you tend to repel others.



If you are a liar, you tend to look unattractive. Studies say that even a small lie about your age or background may repel others from you.



People who have less sleep may also look unattractive. When you don't sleep enough, it shows on your face.



Wearing a mean look on your face could also make you repel people around you. People want to get closer to kind, compassionate and generous people rather than cruel ones.


Body Language

If your body language isn't open, healthy and friendly, that also could make you less attractive. A good posture also has its own role.



Yes, even laziness could make you less attractive. Active and dynamic people score well.



People who constantly brag about themselves may repel others around them. Carrying a heavy attitude and a big ego will also make you less attractive.


Lack Of Sense Of Humour

Wearing a serious look on your face may also sub-consciously tell others to stay away from you. A smile will make you look more attractive.

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