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Why Men Get Attracted To Round Butts

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Men simply can't take their eyes off a beautiful woman. What physical features attract them in women? Well, hips, waist, breasts, lips and the list goes endless.

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But you must have wondered why even butts attract men. To some, it may sound gross as a butt is a body part which is used for the elimination of wastes. And that is why women wonder why men really go crazy for their butts.

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Well, there are many reasons why men love to see a round, fluffy, shapely, bouncy and a fit butt. A beautiful butt can transform the look of a woman. Now, read on to know more...


Fact #1

A survey claims that most of the men tend to get attracted to women who have a spine that beautifully curves near the butt. Spinal curvature makes the butt more noticeable. And men fall for butts that protrude.


Fact #2

Humans survived on hunting alone for centuries and those were the times when both men and women spent most of the days walking. And when it comes to pregnant women, spinal curvature and protruding butt is an added advantage as it can make it slightly easy to bear the baby weight (womb) while walking. Also, it can reduce the risk of injury.


Fact #3

For many centuries, spinal curvature and round protruding butts have helped women walk and move safely even during pregnancy. And men developed a taste for round butts as it indicated fitness.


Fact #4

Apart from such evolutionary advantages, round butts turn men on faster with their appearance. That is why men sometimes stare at attractive butts.


Fact #5

Also big, round butts boost sex appeal of a woman and also indicate her fertility levels. Also, shapely butts indicate healthy fat levels in the body.


Fact #6

There is another dirty reason why men love round butts. Some men have the habit of spanking while making love. So, a bouncy and round butt allows them enjoy that activity.


Fact #7

One more advantage of a shapely butt is that it makes it easy to try certain positions. Especially, men who love to try things from behind would love women with round fluffy butts.

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