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Why Men Should Smile More

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Men who go on a first date come back confused wondering whether the woman they met liked them or not. But it depends more on how you behaved during the date and how much you smiled and made things feel better.

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Yes, a smile is the first invitation you give to the world to knock the doors of your heart, says a study. Without a smile, you may not be attractive for women at least in the first look.

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If you wish to know why a man should smile, read on...


Fact #1

A new study which was done to learn how certain behaviours bring men and women closer in social interactions claims that a man's words, attitude and even his smile plays a very big role in making him attractive or repulsive.


Fact #2

Verbal communication is only a small step to look attractive. Smile is the biggest non-verbal gesture that can make a man look attractive.


Fact #3

After studying more than 50 couples, researchers understood that a smile and eye contact can bring men and women together more than anything else during the initial meetings.


Fact #4

A guy who smiles is considered as approachable and friendly and a guy who wears a serious look may be considered as unapproachable at least in the initial meeting.


Fact #5

A man who is compassionate, smiles and shows care scores big during the first meeting. Women feel better to hang out with such men.


Fact #6

Men who smile can first make the woman relax in their company. And when the conversation starts, a man who talks less and allows the woman to talk more and listens carefully can score well. That shows his patience.


Fact #7

Generally, men wear a serious look in an attempt to look sexy and hot. And men think that smiling isn't a masculine trait. This study proved that opinion wrong.

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